10 O’Clock release their electrifying debut single “Babylon is Fallen’

by | Feb 27, 2018

10 O’Clock Chemical pierce the veil of cultural illusion on their electrifying debut single “Babylon is Fallen’ out 23rd February

10 O’Clock Chemical have been tucked in writing/recording for the last 15 months and at the end of this hard work, their debut single finally sees light. The track has been produced by Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai keyboard player also producer) and mixed by Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, etc.) Not much else needed to say, it’s one slick debut single!

The single ‘Babylon Is Fallen’ is available for listening and share on https://soundcloud.com/10oclockchemical/babylon-is-fallen-1

“Babylon Is Fallen is about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of skepticism, especially in the current climate we coined the term ‘fake news’. It’s a cry for liberty in the midst of our activities being increasingly surveyed, our speech policed and a call to revolt against the mundane order I believe has been put there by a much higher, darker source of power.”

About ‘Babylon Is Fallen’

‘Babylon is Fallen’ is a slick foray into cutting-edge synth pop. The thematic conception of the song occurred to singer Rhys, who, at 23 years old has been writing songs in his bedroom for many years while also having a background in social activism. Describing their sound as ‘Gritpop’, the group have here created jagged and danceable electro-pop that directly expresses the edgy uncertainty of contemporary life. ‘Babylon is Fallen’ is about the cultural malaise that has led to a culture that it’s easy to be cynical of. With production by electronica wizard Matt Johnson (best known for his work on Jamiroquai’s latest album Automaton) and mixed by Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, etc) it’s as slick a debut single as any band could hope for. Restless funk elements, slippery bass grooves and a lysergic dance outro make for a profound and danceable exploration of the current and troubling state of our international media neuroses.

About 10 O’Clock Chemical

10 O’Clock Chemical are comprised of songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Rhys, drummer Danny, bassist Josh and guitarist Jack. The four of them met through Stoke On Trent’s local music scene, sharing a deep love for rock and electronica. In addition to the core lineup is a mysterious cyber entity called Zed, who carries administrative duties for the band and even makes the odd cameo appearance. With radio support from BBC Introducing Stoke, and the accolade ‘Best New Artist’ as voted by six hundred of their peers at the Staffordshire and Cheshire Music Awards in Spring 2017, they’re now set to release debut single ‘Babylon is Fallen‘ on February 23rd via the group’s own label GRITPOP. A still from the locally filmed video, made on a snowy January day, forms the single’s sleeve. Their follow-up will arrive in April ahead of their debut EP in June. Having had a string of festival appearances n 2017, including Lymelight and LeoFest, 10 O’Clock Chemical will celebrate their debut single’s release with a headline show at The Exchange in Stoke On Trent on its release night before confirming more live shows.







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