Amel D releases single I’m Your Rain (album Cross to Hell): Review

by | Jan 2, 2020

Asian Alternative Rock Singer AMEL D Releases New  Single, I’m Your Rain (Explicit), in anticipation of her 2020 release Cross to Hell

Barely two years after she successfully attracted the attention of international markets with her Linkin Park-inspired single Inside Destruction (2018), Amel D is back with a new single. The release is entitled I’m Your Rain and already shows the singer establishing herself firmly in the Alternative Rock genre.

Amel D releases I'm Your Rain (Cross to Hell)

Amel D releases I’m Your Rain (Cross to Hell)

This first single dropped on December the 16th, 2019. It submerses the listener in the passionate aches of LDR (long-distance relationship) or those of unrequited love. The melodic atmosphere blends the shadows of this unattainable person and the violence of the undergoer’s emotions. The title betrays the weather that sparkle the emotions behind the musical piece. The artist takes the ear beyond world music into modern, alternative rock to accentuate this feel. Whilst she laboured to complete the song in ten months knowing exactly the feeling she wanted to share, she gives her audience a space to interpret and enjoy her music in their own way.

The track sets the mood and introduces the 2020 album CROSS TO HELL which also contains the tracks Whoop It Up, Destroyer, Slay Away, and Hype Of The Heaven. It is written by Amel D herself and is 3 minutes and 45 seconds long. Copyright is Amel D’s and Publishing Rights include MESA FRD, SKYBURG STUDIO ASIA and NINO ANDARESTA.

This upcoming sophomore album follows the Indonesia-based Asian singer’s debut album REVIVED.

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