An interview with Rap artist Tyler Trappy

by | Sep 22, 2021

Tyler Trappy (age 23) is a well known rap artist diagnosed with autism. The rapper was born & raised in Orlando, FL. His music became popular during his teen years early in 2017. 1 In Music meets the straight-to-the-point no-nonsense artist behind the name Tyler Trappy.

1 In Music: Hey Tyler, thank you for joining us. Tell us about what makes your music unique.

Tyler Trappy [TT]: It’s not just regular music, it’s my life put in songs.

1 In Music: Who supports you in all the rollercoaster of the music industry?

TT: Real life actions and my brothers are my best supporters.

1 In Music: When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

TT:  This year, when I started blowing up on the internet.

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to?

TT:  I listen to and respect all genres.

1 In Music: Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

TT:  [the most undervalued artist to me is] myself!

1 In Music: Fair enough.  So what would be success to you then?

TT:  Seeing at least 7 figures.

1 In Music: What other passion do you do when you don’t do music?

TT:  I am an entertainer/comedian. I love making people laugh.

1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

TT:  I always gotta make sure everything is perfect , sometimes I play my own song on repeat until I remember it exactly.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?

TT: Honestly just stay creative and consistent as much as possible and mostly be careful because your haters will always be your biggest fans.

1 In Music: Any upcoming projects?

TT: New songs and maybe a visual.

1 In Music: Thanks for the interview Tyler Trappy. Where can the audience find you music?

TT:  Tyler Trappy – Mr. Magoo:

Social Media: