An interview with rising music artist Aaron Reflex

by | Aug 27, 2021

Aaron Reflex born Mustafah Aaron Steele, is an American music artist from Queens, New York. His sound blends Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Trap, and Soul. The music offers smooth vocals and intuitive lyrics over stellar instrumental beats. The performer has been on tour across the American South states. He has been featured on on many major music and news publications such as The Source, This Is 50, and Influencive. He has also featured on top 40 HipHop and Rap college charts, has appeared on TV and been on the news. The musician is known for his two breakout hit songs Outrageous and Discourage. 1 In Music meets with him.

Aaron Reflex born Mustafah Aaron Steele1 In Music: When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

AR: I realized when I kept going back to it as I grew older. Even when I would step away I would always find my way back to the music.

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to and what makes the music you value?

AR: I listen to all types of music. I like good music that is produced well.

1 In Music: Do you consider yourself undervalued?

AR: I feel like I am slept on a lot. I feel like I’m just getting started and want to show people what I’m capable of.

1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

AR: I prepare physically and mentally. I like to do vocal warm ups and have an idea of what I wanna do before I perform in my mind. It makes it easier and more easy-going. No matter how many times you perform you still get this nervous feeling when you get in the stage. You gotta ignore it and keep going.

1 In Music: What do you like doing beside music?

AR: I like to eat food, hang out with friends, party, play video games, play basketball, make beats, and work on myself. Sometimes I get lucky; I find a really good series on Netflix and lock in when I have the free time.

1 In Music: Success to you is…?

AR: Financial stability and comfort are success. Don’t get caught up in the fame of it. Fame don’t pay bills.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?

AR: I wish someone told me…

just start and work with what you got.

don’t wait on other people just go do you.

I always did my own thing but when I realized these two things I saw way more progress.

1 In Music: Any upcoming projects?

AR: New music and new project dropping before the end of the year. 718 out now on all music platforms with Pain Melodies, Outrageous, Discourage, Tony Montana, and more!

1 In Music: Where do we find you music / music project?

AR: My music is available on all music platforms @AaronReflex

Aaron Reflex – Outrageous Music Video YouTube