Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rock Me!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rock Me!

Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s artist profile

Her unique take on music and on her gospel roots paved the way to what we now know as Rock ‘n’ Roll. The industry is catching up to her indelible musical print with the induction of Sister Rosetta Tharpe into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sister Rosetta Tharpe is credited as an early influencer of the genre. Her sound, guitar picking style betrayed her uniqueness. Her creative soul transpires in her performance, both Gospel and secular. She was bassically playing Rock ‘n’ Roll before it existed. An idol for idols such as Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones’  Keith Richards and Cream’s Eric Clapton she is dubbed the godmother of Rock and Roll and certainly one of the forebearers who paved the way for the genre.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe in 10 songs

Her stint with Lucky Millander’s Orchestra found her performing and recording both gospel and – to the dismay of church folks – secular songs such as ‘Four Or Five Times’. A few years later, .

  1. Rock Me: Her first single blends Gospel and Rock and Roll, showcasing her innovative style and her musical abilities
  2. This train: Her guitar style on this Gospel number is a popular rendition and demonstrate her musical and genre fusion abilities
  3. Strange Things Happening Every Day: This is Tharpe’s highest ranking US chart single in R&B at number 2 delivered with pianist Sammy Price
  4. My Man and I
  5. Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air: number 6 in the R&b charts
  6. That’s All
  7. Didn’t it rain
  8. Lonesome Road
  9. Precious Memories
  10. Silent Night: Her 1949 rendition of this classic Christmas Hymn also made it in the top 10

You might also like a link to her channel with video archives of her performances as well as this video documentary about Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Enya’s Orinoco Flow

Enya’s Orinoco Flow

Enya Artist profile

The Queen of electro-ethereal Folk (with a castle to match. Yep Enya bought her very own castle in Killiney, Ireland.) is revered for taking her musical heritage of Irish waves and bringing the world into it with the very ethereal sounds that are reminiscent of old Celtic fantasy stories. Enya is the spelling and pronunciation of the name of this musical artisan and E-I-T-H-N-E is the original spelling in this songwriter’s native tongue, the Donegal dialect of the Irish language.

She is born in a musical family and even formed a band with some of them, the group Clannad, better known for their Theme From Harry’s Game. Her extreme talent makes her one of the most unique music creators of all time and an inspiration for fathoming wonder out of individual originality and traditions’ inheritance.

The wealthiest woman in music (yes, it is not the usual and more onscreen suspects) earned every penny of her wealth by taking us beyond the boundaries of time, space and preconception into worlds that our minds could suddenly creating out of sound waves. Her songs are a success on and off screen bringing soft wonder to our daily lives. She is also a muse and a teacher for those who want to learn to create and harness or make the most of a most magical blend of who you are: who you worked to be and who you have be borne to be. She has inspired many not least Antonín Mrkos who named the asteroid (6433 Enya) he discovered on 18 November 1978 after her.

Enya in ten songs

  1. Watermark: This purely inspiring instrumental is the title track of her 1990 album. It is also featured in the 1990 film Green Card alongside other songs from her “River” and “Storms in Africa”. These are by far not the only pieces that have made it to the movies. Her songs On your shore and “Exile” (from the album Watermark) and “Epona” (from the album Enya) were featured in the 1991 film L.A. Story. “Ebudæ” is also featured on the soundtrack to the Robin Williams feature film Toys
  2. Orinocco Flow: One of the most recognisble songs from Enya, often called Sail away because of the repetition of the phrase in the chorus
  3. China Roses is a graceful walz of ethereal beauty that seems to be inspired directly from the far Asian elegance in a most Euro-Irish take
  4. Storms in Africa 
  5. So I Could Find My Way is a delicate lullaby from her 2015 album that sounds like a subtle entry to Christmas, an ode giving thanks and an air of a gift back, all in one, in her unique electro-ethereal way. We can now go to sleep in peace.
  6. Even In The Shadows
  7. I Could Never Say Goodbye – With this number, Enya reminds us why she loves, creates and shares such a unique and addictive style of music
  8. Wild Child: An epic rendering of the adventures bursting within and through our fragile souls
  9. Caribbean Blue: An unmissable track that cannot hide its electronica sounds but loses none of its ethereal charm.
  10. Only Time: the best way to complete this 10-piece Enya collection is with this classic from Enya’s 2000 release. Arguably her piece of reference, the tune brings a sense of divine or at the least otherwordly peace. It has been used over and over again. Its use span comedy and drama context when it seeks to pass an important message. This is the case respectively in an episode of Friends (The One where Chandler Takes a Bath) and in the media to soothe the news reporting the attacks of 9/11.

Enya featured on Tiki’s I write the songs

Pezhman Mosleh releases musical hommage to Dr Irvin Yalom called On The Threshold

Pezhman Mosleh releases musical hommage to Dr Irvin Yalom called On The Threshold

Pezhman Mosleh releases hommage to Dr Irvin Yalom called On The Threshold or When Music celebrates Psychotherapeutic Literature and Philosophy

On The Threshold: An hommage to Dr Irvin Yalom

Dr. Irvin Yalom is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford University and the author of several highly acclaimed textbooks and novels, including “Existential Psychotherapy”. The author also penned stories and novels related to psychotherapy, including “Love’s Executioner”, “When Nietzsche Wept” (23 September 2018), Lying on the Couch, Momma and the Meaning of Life, and The Schopenhauer Cure. His latest non-fiction book is Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death.

Yalom is arguably one of the greatest philosophers of the current century and it is not just awards that have recognised his input. International Iranian composer Pezhman Mosleh has dedicated a musical composition to the man. The philosophical piece dedicated to Dr. Yalom is entitled “On the Threshold”. Its sound is reminiscent of the evocative sound of Mosleh

Dr. Irvin Yalom has even given the piece and his composer the honour of publishing it on his Facebook page. The existential psychiatrist even appends a warm, personalised comment:

“An eminent Iranian composer, Pezhman Mosleh, has honored me with this gift: a musical composition and video arrangement.”

The video features some talking towards the end, including extracts of Dr Yalom speeches. Nina Bahri is the impressive pianist featured on the record, produced almost contradictorily at Pop Studio.

A text, written by Pezhman Mosleh, ends the video including the words: “The feature of YALOM is love.” You can find more about Dr Irvin Yalom through the Books by Irvin D Yalom (including his biography, Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist’s memoirs), on Dr Yalom’s official website and on his Wikipedia page.

About Pezhman Mosleh

Pezhman Mosleh an International Iranian composer, singer and poet, better known for composing and singing a song for Mandela. The song was conveyed to Mr. Mandela and Nelson Mandela Foundation and broadcasted on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and across countries. 1 In Music has previously shared and reviewed other musical pieces by this composer, notably Snow.

Pezhman Mosleh is also a teacher of cinema philosophy and aesthetic, and a scholar in music history. His compositions and speeches reflect his humanity and philosophical concerns and his quest for inner and international peace. His neo-romantic style, appreciated from Iran to Poland to Italy and beyondm transpires in his oeuvre and reflect the influence of the likes of Chopin.

Professor Pezhman Mosleh developed an original method for teaching young children. He uses this to teach children aged 2 to 6 years old. One of his student is the 4-year old Ava Sadeghipour, the Youngest Soloist / Vocalist in the World, who has already performed in the Biggest Concert Hall in Iran. His method has allowed, beyond Ava, young children to play and sing simultaneously in different concert halls in front of large audiences.

Telegraph release new single Down In The River

Telegraph release new single Down In The River

Telegraph – new single Down In The River

Telegraph’s new single Down in the River does not waste any second of its sonic message. It starts like a moan from another world, an almost ghostly voice. The theme justifies the feeling and continues throughout the song albeit in the background. In the foreground, the instrumentation and arrangement take the listener in. There is a nice melody and a beat like a musical metaphor for a message and a heart. Before we know it, we partake in its melodious and peaceful march down in the river of our best memories. 1 In Music loves the track. We especially dig everything it seeks of freedom and authenticity with an appearant contradictory touch of modern sound.

Stream or download the single here

After hundreds of thousands of streams on ‘Broken Bones’, the French group are back with their new single ‘Down In The River’. With indie rock, pop and electronic vibes, Julien, Matthieu and Maxime are exploring new musical inspirations, through soul and urban feelings. They’ve featured with the ADM Gospel choir to carry this essential and actual message:

Did you ever get the feeling that the world is changing? That you’ll never see things the way you did when you were a kid? Imagine for one second that the river you went fishing with your dad when you were 10 years old goes dry. Would you fight against this? Would you save these few places where you felt the true nature of freedom? Do you really want to be the one to pull the trigger ? If you can see that our world is changing, you’ll understand exactly what this song is about…

Telegraph - new single Down In The River

About The band

Telegraph are cousins Julien and Matthieu and their childhood friend Maxime. Their music has the breath of the South of France from where they come. It borrows the freshness and three years of music projects experience from Paris. It reinvents itself in the West Coast of the United States. There, they are inspired by their journey and the artistic and literary culture of the 1950s’ Beat Generation. The richness of this trip makes up the new music project from which the band Telegraph is born.

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John Legend: All of Me

John Legend: All of Me

John Legend: Artist Profile

John Legend’s musical artistry can be kind of inconspicuous in the sea of talent and opportunists in the music industry. But once you encounter it, you are taken by the ocean of influences that transpire in his work. It takes quite a musician to create their own sounds with so much diverse inspiration and while never remaining quite the same. Every song has its own individuality albeit the touch of the singer-songwriter’s own brand, own style, own timber.

R & B, Jazz, Gospel, pop, a touch of funk and a bit of fusion nothing is forbidden in this musical adventure. But the clue remains throughout his oeuvres: they are very much grounded in soulfulness and open to experimental sounds. It is sometimes easy to forget that the talented pianist, composer, lyricist, singer and producer has been active since 2000. The likes Kanye West, Dave Tozer, and have appeared in the notes of his early music propelling it to the heights that he has maintained if not surpassed since. The journey through this artist’s music definitely pokes the music lover’s interest. Even more interestingly, the touches of musical romanticism spread throughout his pieces are never lost even when he collaborates with hip-hop or sings of cheating.

John Legend in ten songs

  1. All of Me
  2. Made to Love
  3. Bridges – John Legend has featured and co-written or fully written quite his share of songs. He features in this track performed by the powerful and unique vocals of Rebecca Ferguson blending two eras in one song.
  4. If you’re out there
  5. Show Me – A touch of uncomplicated beauty with subtle contretemps absolutely flowing and blending in like a soul getting peace from expressing his reflective turmoil.
  6. Stay With You: A touch of Gospel for this promise song
  7. Preach
  8. Glory: Rapper Common and Legend perform the perfect soundtrack for the motion picture “Selma”. This strings-accompanied anthem supports the film theme about the epic non-violent 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. (portrayed by David Oyelowo) which led to President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The track is penned by the two music artists and Rhymefest.
  9. Used to Love you
  10. Ordinary People

John Legend’s Official Website