How independent artists can make it on TikTok: Best Tips for Musicians

How independent artists can make it on TikTok: Best Tips for Musicians

TikTok has changed the way people watch content and has provided independent artists with a new platform to publish their music. With its worldwide reach, your song can go viral overnight and hit a much wider audience if the right influencer uses it. A combination of utilizing the pre-release promo tools and getting on the right curation lists can lead to thousands of streams.

The TikTok Advantage for Musicians

The beauty of TikTok lies in its short-form clips and rapid trend cycles. Catchy sections of songs get stuck in users’ heads, prompting them to seek out the full track and artist. Here’s what makes TikTok such a powerful platform for music promotion:

  • It’s a place for authenticity – you can share your story and music
  • It’s excellent for brand building
  • You can showcase your music before it hits streaming services
  • The TikTok audience is billions strong
  • TikTok content creators are eager to use new music to start new trends
  • TikTok is part of a wider music marketing strategy that, when done well, feels more like fun, with huge potential benefits.

Setting Up Your TikTok Musician Profile

Your content should be engaging enough to draw people to the most important part – your bio. Set up a business account from the start, and pack your profile with essential information: who you are, what you do, and most importantly, where people can find more of your music.

Artists should make sure their music is available, on streaming platforms because people use services and TikTok features short audio clips known as snippets. Be sure to share links to your music on platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music and others.

The TikTok Artist account offers a range of tools to engage with your fans acting as a showcase for fans to explore your music and discover more about you and your songs. Activate the music tab to access these tools.

How independent artists can make it on TikTok - Best Tips for Musicians

Promoting Your Music with TikTok Tools

Activate your music tab to promote your music and use the New Release tool to promote tracks for 14 days before release. Since users love behind-the-scenes content, utilize the Behind the Song feature to share your unique story.

If you haven’t yet gotten your music on major streaming services, make that your first task. You can use various music aggregators to accomplish this. And the biggest tip? Ensure you have a TikTok music promotion campaign that includes TikTok influencers.

TikTok Musician Monetization

All Music, on TikTok is available for creators to use without any cost thanks to agreements with record labels. Independent musicians can also share their music on platforms like CD Baby making it accessible on streaming services, including TikTok.

In contrast to platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify that pay per stream TikTok compensates based on the popularity of the sound, among its users. This is why curators are vital for earning money on both Spotify and TikTok.

You will be paid $0.03 for each new piece of video content created using your sound, regardless of the number of views.

Maximizing Your TikTok Earnings and Exposure

Maximizing your TikTok music earnings and blowing up your TikTok profile go hand in hand. Here are some tips:

  • Create content focused on your music, share your songwriting process, and let people join in and support you. Aim for short, viral-potential clips.
  • Collaborate with other musicians on TikTok.
  • Use relevant hashtags like #newmusic, #undiscoveredartists, #songwriting, and trending tags when appropriate.
  • Build a community by engaging with your followers and other musicians on TikTok.
  • Participate in trends when it makes sense for your brand.
  • Link your streaming platforms so people can explore your music further on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and more.

How independent artists can make it on TikTok - Best Tips for Musicians

Maximizing Exposure Through Curation

The rise of content curators in music is powerful, and you can leverage this yourself. Create playlists featuring new artists like yourself and distribute them across multiple streaming platforms using services like FreeYourMusic. There are other music promotion services available, such as Spotify promotion, blog publications for artists, YouTube music submission and more, but TikTok can really be the game changer for artists.

Make a playlist on your main streaming service, and use FreeYourMusic to copy it to others. This supports your music community and increases your visibility by putting your music in various playlists – a double win.

Consistency and continuous content creation are key to ensuring your TikTok profile takes off in no time!

Darrell Kelley releases Big Woman – A Review

Darrell Kelley releases Big Woman – A Review

Darrell Kelley releases Big Woman

Darrell Kelley’s latest track, “Big Woman,” is a vibrant testament to his unique position in the contemporary R&B scene. Renowned for his ability to blend socially conscious themes with infectious melodies, Kelley delivers a song that is both thought-provoking and entertaining, celebrating his admiration and love for plus-sized women with authenticity and flair.

The man behind the song

As a dynamic performer, soulful singer, prolific songwriter, passionate social activist, inspiring spiritual leader, insightful author, and savvy entrepreneur, Kelley epitomizes the essence of a true artist and advocate. His journey reflects an unwavering commitment to justice, understanding, acceptance, and unity. This multifaceted approach to his career not only highlights his versatility but also underscores his dedication to making a positive impact through his art.

Kelley’s musical journey began in the heart of Gospel music, where his resonant voice and profound lyrics provided spiritual solace and inspiration. His songs, rich with emotion and meaning, captivated audiences seeking both comfort and enlightenment. As his career evolved, Kelley seamlessly transitioned into the vibrant world of R&B, broadening his artistic scope while staying true to the powerful messages that define his work. His music continues to echo with the themes of his Gospel roots, creating a unique blend that speaks to the soul and stirs the conscience.

Big Woman Vocal Delivery

The vocal performance on “Big Woman” is nothing short of captivating. Kelley’s voice, filled with confidence and authenticity, perfectly conveys his admiration and affection for big women. His sincere delivery makes the song feel both personal and universal, inviting listeners to share in his celebration of these women. The lyrics resonate deeply, highlighting the genuine appreciation and love that Kelley has for the subject of his song.

Big Woman Production

Musically, the production on “Big Woman” is top-notch. The song features a blend of live instrumentation and modern R&B elements, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. The rhythmic interplay between the bass and drums provides a solid foundation, while the subtle use of keyboards and background vocals adds texture and nuance. Kelley’s choice to keep the arrangement relatively simple ensures that the focus remains on the message and his vocal delivery. This minimalistic approach allows listeners to fully appreciate the depth of the lyrics and the emotion in Kelley’s voice.

The chorus of “Big Woman” is particularly memorable, with its catchy, anthemic quality. The repetition of “Big woman” serves as a powerful affirmation, celebrating big women and positioning them as the central figures of admiration and love. The harmonies in the chorus add richness, creating a sense of unity and collective empowerment that elevates the entire track.


“Big Woman” by Darrell Kelley is a soulful and empowering R&B track that celebrates the beauty and allure of plus-sized women. With its infectious rhythm, heartfelt lyrics, and Kelley’s captivating vocal performance, the song stands out as a significant contribution to the genre. It encourages listeners to embrace their unique beauty and feel confident in their own skin, making it a must-listen for fans of R&B and anyone who appreciates music with a meaningful message. Kelley’s ability to fuse heartfelt admiration with a catchy, anthemic melody ensures that “Big Woman” will resonate with a wide audience and leave a lasting impact.

Find out more about Big Woman and Darrell Kelley

Listen to Big Woman on all music retailers platforms including:

Follow Darrell Kelley on his social networks

Iconic guitarist Dan Patlansky to join Paul Pedana on new avant-garde album

Iconic guitarist Dan Patlansky to join Paul Pedana on new avant-garde album

Iconic guitarist Dan Patlansky to join Paul Pedana in his upcoming new avant-garde album

Award-winning songwriter Paul Pedana welcomes virtuoso guitarist Dan Patlansky aboard for an exciting collaboration.

Award winning singer-songwriter Paul Pedana has announced an upcoming album featuring the acclaimed South African guitarist Dan Patlansky. Scheduled for an early 2024 release, the new musical endeavor is poised to explore diverse sonic landscapes, deviating from conventional norms. Adding an additional layer to the project, Pedana has also enlisted Denis Efimenko, a collaborator since 2017, known for his contributions to the guitar parts in Pedana’s previous albums, ‘Ex-Human’ and ‘A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity.’

The encounter and the invitation to collaborate

In 2021, during the global pandemic, Pedana’s evenings in Vilnius, spent with his partner, took on a distinctive musical flavor. They were spent embracing Italian cuisine, a large variety of wines and whiskeys, and delving into old and new blues music. Among the newfound blues compositions, “Big Things Going Down” by Dan Patlansky struck a chord with Pedana.

Impressed by Patlansky’s guitar charisma, Pedana reached out with a message of admiration. This initial contact sparked a connection that endured over the subsequent years, with the two musicians staying in touch.

In 2023, as Paul Pedana officially commenced work on his new album, he made a deliberate decision to reach out to Dan Patlansky, seeking to infuse the blues essence into some of the tracks. Upon extending the invitation, Patlansky responded with enthusiasm, expressing his eagerness to be part of the project.

The new project

The project aims to offer listeners an immersive experience that resonates on a profound level. What adds to the excitement is the palpable anticipation among fans, eagerly awaiting a release that promises not only to break musical barriers but to redefine the contemporary music scene. With each artist contributing their unique style, the album is expected to be a transformative exploration of sound, generating heightened anticipation for its early 2024 debut a release that holds the promise of leaving an indelible mark on the world of music. Stay tuned for this highly awaited milestone in contemporary music, sure to captivate and exceed expectations.

Alpha Cat Venus Smile… Retrograde

Alpha Cat Venus Smile… Retrograde

Alpha Cat EP release: Venus Smile… Retrograde

The alternative rock band, Alpha Cat, has recently released an EP through the Aquamarine record label. The EP, “Venus Smile… Retrograde,” is a blend of alternative rock and folk. It explores themes of heartbreak and the search for hope and redemption. With raw and honest lyrics and intricate musical arrangements, each track on the EP offers a unique journey.

Alpha Cat - Elizabeth McCullough formed the band Alpha Cat

Where the band started- Elizabeth McCullough formed Alpha Cat

Orbit (Rx)

One of the tracks on the EP, “Orbit (Rx),” is a standout track that is a call to arms for a world that is too divided and too extreme. With its driving beat and soaring chorus, the song is both powerful and hopeful, and the guitar work is nothing short of stunning. The vocals, equally impressive, speak to the universal human experience and provide a message of hope and reconnection that is desperately needed in today’s world.

Other tracks on the EP

The other tracks on the EP are equally as impressive, each with its own unique sound and style. From a haunting ballad to a fast-paced rocker, the EP showcases Alpha Cat’s versatility and musicianship. The band, a collective of talented musicians, has brought their unique skills and talent to the table, creating a beautiful and powerful exploration of the human experience.

Notable instrumentation on the EP

The cello work on the EP is particularly noteworthy, adding a haunting beauty to the tracks. The percussion and backing vocals are equally impressive, elevating each song and making the EP a true testament to the power of collaboration.

EP verdict

In conclusion, this latest release from Alpha Cat is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music. It is a beautiful and powerful exploration of the human experience, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope and the possibility of redemption.

Find out more about Alpha Cat at:

The EP and other Alpha Cat releases on Spotify

Alpha Cat on Facebook

Alpha Cat band on Instagram

Alpha Cat official website

Editor’s Notes

Elizabeth McCullough formed the band Alpha Cat. Although the band fell apart, the Alpha Cat name stuck. The EP include 5 tracks: Venus Smile, Wichita, Orbit, All In Your Head, Armor (Live). Elizabeth McCullough wrote, arranged and produced the EP and is on vocals and acoustic guitar. Other musicians include Doug Pettibone on Acoustic Guitar, Angela Babin on electric Guitar (Armor) and Doug Pettibone on all other guitars, Manuel Quintana (Wichita) on Percussion, Reggie McBride on Bass, Jane Scarpantoni on Cello, Rich Feridun on Pedal steel guitar (Wichita) and Jason Harrison Smith on Drums. The record is mixed and mastered by Brett Thorngren with additional mixing/mastering Elizabeth McCullough.

American Rapper Ayo Kia in Exclusive Interview

American Rapper Ayo Kia in Exclusive Interview

Na’Kia Evonne Ricks, known as Ayo Kia, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is known for her motivating lyrics, jabbing punchlines, irresistible hooks, unforgettable story-telling, and melodic delivery. Ayo Kia began to build popularity after releasing her first project in 2021. Her solo project, “Before I Go” was listed on JukeBox Time’s Magazine as a Top 10 Album, where Before I Go ranked as Number 8 and Number 1 in Trending. 1 In Music meets the artist. Ayo Kia Talks About Life, Relationships, and New Music in Exclusive Interview.

“My girl, it’s so nice to have you here! The Queen! Hey, so the world knows , tell them your name and the city you rep?”

Ayo Kia [AK]: What’s good baby! My name is Ayo Kia and I’m repping the Greater New Orleans Area, …. SJP more specifically.

“I feel you! I feel that! So, Tell us about your latest releases, The Your Eyes video just dropped, tell us about that. What inspired you?”

AK: I’ve been motivated to release songs so they weren’t suffocating in a file folder. I used to always ask myself: like if I died today or tomorrow, no one would have heard these and that wouldn’t be fair to me so, yeah! I said ‘Self! Let’s get it! Hit the button.The Your Eyes song comes from my latest album Before I Go which was an all-night winger project. And besides “Running”, Your Eyes was like a song that I just thought I had to expound upon. So, I thought to myself, let’s do this video, it’s going to be beautiful. It’s crazy because that song was recorded like 7 years ago. And I’m just releasing it and making the video today. It’s not new to me, it’s just new to y’all. And my real day one fans, know that. Back when we couldn’t release music so easily, I used to send this song via email and that was the only way you could get it. But today, I have the leverage to release on all social media platforms, so yeah. I just want to be heard before I pass away or something or have children.

“100% Percent! Speaking of children, you have kids? You dating ? Single?”

AK: I’m single. No kids I always say when I’m single, I’m like Jesus, I’m Christ like.

“That’s lit! That’s what’s up! So, tell me what is unique about you and your music?”

AK: It’s designed by me. I consider it ‘designed’. Like certain words, messages, and sound effects, are hand selected for each song. (laughs) And the way I sit and write a song, you would think I was doing heart surgery how delicate I am with the words and the pen. I even write the words on the paper with a lot of pride (laughs) like I’m doing calligraphy. You really have to see me do this. It’s fun! It’s incredible! (laughs)

“Yes! Must do things well! Loving that my girl! So, right now, what is shaping your music?”

AK: I want to say it’s my emotions, past relationships, past friendships, a motivation to succeed and become rich, a desire to be heard and understood.

“And, when did you realize you were going to make music professionally?”

AK: I never realized it (laughs). I had been doing music for so long you know. Like, I had been going to recording studio since I was like 14. I always viewed it as my unique superpower. I want to say that it didn’t truly hit me until I made it to my twenties. Then I was like, ‘Okay, I’m about to do this for real.’

“Okay! Okay! So for the fans – tell them, What type of music do you listen to?”

AK: Everybody knows I’m in love with Drake, Beyoncé, and DJ Khaled. Love Lil Baby, Kanye is like the bestie. I love everybody that’s really doing their thing right now to be honest, because it inspires me to go harder. I always say that. It depends on the time of the day though, like I listen to Classical, Alternative Music, EDM, Gospel, R&B and Trap Music. Classical music is so sexy to me. But so is Trap Music. But, honestly, I listen to mainly rap music. I don’t think I listen to much of anything else. Unless I purposely step away from rap to create a new vibe in my space.

“Okay! Big fan of those people myself! Let’s get it! What do you do when you don’t do music?”

AK: Look for more things to do and become passionate about like, design something new and create a new world honestly. I just try to zoom in on my goals honestly.

“Okay, Okay, So Tell Me: Happiness to you is…”

AK: Peace. Period. Like if there is no peace, I will not be happy, and I think I need to get exactly what I want to be happy.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

AK: To…

Never give up.

I wasn’t told that when I was younger, like so many people were against me doing music telling me it wasn’t me, but I was good at writing songs, and rapping and singing, and it seemed like everyone had an issue acknowledging the talent and so focus on the character that it hindered me from embracing myself fully. Like people would laugh at me, try to embarrass me and stuff when I told them I was a rapper. They never viewed me as a “tough” girl, just a smart, classy woman. They never viewed me as a musical person, but this was like my biggest talent. I wish someone would have been like “forget them people and do this.” Eventually people did start to tell me that, but then it was just like – too late.

“Wow! I feel that. I’m glad you’re still pushing! That’s why we need to hear about these new things in the works! Tell us about your upcoming projects, Ayo Kia…”

AK: Right now, I’m cooking up something special for myself actually. This next project is a little personal. It’s always personal, but y’all can check it out.

“Is it an album, it’s a single? What is it?”

AK: It’s an album.

“So where would we find more about this and your music?”

AK: Everywhere. Like I tell every body: Google Me B————! (laughs) On the real though, I’m on all social media platforms under Ayo Kia.

“Man Ayo Kia, thanks for joining us today, you have some of the hottest music out right now! Glad you could have this talk with me. Y’all keep it locked! We out!”