Stacey Jackson Releases The Hottest New Song Of The Summer

 Stacey Jackson Releases The Hottest New Song Of The Summer

Every summer season is super hot for music, and one song seems to become the anthem of that summer. Stacey Jackson is turning up the heat and demanding that anthem spot this year by releasing a rebooted version of her hit song “Live It Up Feat. Snoop Dogg”! This electric dance song was originally released in 2013 and immediately became a feel good hit amongst every crowd. The energetic beats and positive lyrics paired with Snoop Dogg’s signature vibes, it was the perfect hit. Since the 10 year anniversary of the song is coming up,  the pair had the record remastered.

The rebooted version of the song was released on June 4th. The song is already in a hit movie called Reboot Camp, where Jackson appeared as a cameo and performed the track “Live It Up.” Along with the current remix from Jackson and Snoop, 4 other mixes will be coming out as well. The excitement for her projects this summer is palpable and gives fans, her family, and herself so much to look forward to, especially after the year we have had.

Along with the already uber popular film and song, Jackson has been booked and busy in 2021. She  has an acoustic album coming in 2021 and a dance music album called ‘Beach Party’ in the works as well; though, ‘Beach Party’ will not be coming out until the summer of 2022. Jackson is not new to song or screen and has been acting and singing her whole life. In recent years, she has held off on making music and being on set for the sake of her sportswear line StaeFit which has a cult following for its patented material and her fun workouts to some of her music.

Stacey has also been busy with philanthropic efforts. Recently she partnered with A.D.I.D.A.S to fund a charity event giving shoes back to a community in Los Angeles affected by COVID. It’s the little things that make the first step back to normalcy easier, whether it’s music and fun to get people excited for the seemingly near end of the pandemic, or participating in philanthropy events to get people back on their feet, we can count on Jackson to be a positive light.

Make sure to stream “Live It Up: Rebooted Feat. Snoop Dogg” to get you in the best summer mood everywhere music streams! To learn more about Jackson and her incredible careers as an executive producer at 3B1G Records, founder of StaeFit workout apparel, talented singer/songwriter, accomplished television publicist, fitness aficionado, dedicated mother, activist, and philanthropist, visit her Instagram @staerox.




Leiza Michaels releases Nuevos Estándares IN Spanish and English!

Leiza Michaels releases Nuevos Estándares IN Spanish and English!

May 18, 2021 Boca Raton, Florida

Today, Southern Florida Singing sensation and Songwriter Leiza Michaels announced the release of Nuevos Estándares, the Spanish version of her 2020 classic “New Standards”.  She and Starburst Records also announced they will be hosting a CD Release Party at The Pavilion Grille in Boca Raton, Florida on Sunday, June 27 from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Both Leiza and Jay Carney, Founder/CEO of Starburst Records are huge fans of the old Jazz Standards.  During the summer of 2019 they collaborated on a collection of six brand new songs that embody the vibe and style of popular songs from the Great American Songbook, exemplifying songs by such luminaries as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and many other composers that had hit songs from Broadway Musicals. They recorded the first English version of this album in Nashville in January of 2020 and have followed up in 2021 with a re-write of each song in Spanish being released on over 40 music streaming platforms on Friday, May 28. The songs on “New Standards” have been streaming globally since mid-2020.  They can be heard on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon Music Plus as well as all major digital streaming sites. This album, “Nuevos Estandares” however has been released early exclusively on Bandcamp at  Leiza & Jay enlisted the talent of Enrique Duarte of Mexico to translate this great collection of songs into Spanish, which he accomplished with elegance capturing the depth and meanings in a new prose!

New York Native, Leiza Michaels has been performing Jazz Standards & Popular songs from The Great American Songbook for many years throughout Europe & the USA and most recently throughout Southern Florida over the past 10 years.  When we composed these songs we also felt this was the perfect genre of music to further important social causes. The song Pure White Snow is an homage to Billie Holiday focusing upon on the struggle this gifted artist had with drug addiction, an addiction that faces many and can hinder progress through life.  Also our songs Charm Me and Natural focus upon spousal abuse, eradicating violence against women and forced marriages.  The greatest “crowd pleaser” of the album appears to be Some Kinda Girl/ Chica especial owing to it coming into closest proximity to modern pop of the album’s songs.  Leiza was especially excited about rerecording her CD in Spanish so she could connect with her Latin heritage.

Here are the titles of each song:

English                                    Spanish
  1. Movin Too Slow
  1. Muy lento, mi amor
  1. Pure White Snow
  1. Mi perdición
  1. The Older You Get
  1. Al envejecer
  1. Some Kinda Girl
  1. Chica especial
  1. Natural
  1. Natural
  1. Charm Me
  1. Hechizame


Leiza Michaels 1.Muy lento_ mi amor 2.Mi perdición 3.Al envejecer 4.Alguna Chica Especial 5.Natural 6.Encantame

Each song has an Official Music Video in both English and Spanish as follows:

  1. Muy lento, mi amor
  2. Mi perdición
  3. Al envejecer
  4. Chica especial
  5. Natural          
  6. Hechizame  
  7. Movin’ Too Slow     
  8. Pure White Snow     
  9. The Older You Get     
  10. Some Kinda Girl     
  11. Natural       
  12. Charm Me      

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Giomani and POPOFF break way in the American music industry

Giomani and POPOFF break way in the American music industry

The music industry, though changed, has not taken a pause despite the coronavirus changing the way the world looks at life. Even better is that we’re seeing more artists come out with new music with the additional time to perfect their craft. 

Artists like Giomani and POPOFF have paved the way for themselves in the US as their roots in the music industry and are adding to this new genre that anyone can vibe to. With their newest single “JUST 4 U”, the artistic quality that goes behind the depth in the rhythm and soul of the song is palpable.

Reminiscent of the smooth vibes of The Weeknd and Maluma, anyone listening to this track can picture themselves on a night drive or a movie montage, as the modern yet mellow beat flows through you. And to end the song with a bang, the pop to R&B crossover is met with a phenomenal guitar solo that is sure to leave you speechless. 

Whether your mood be for the simple head bopping, or the intensity of your heart racing, the track truly takes you through a ride of emotions as the chorus continues: “Take away all my pride/Walking across the firе/Just for you/Just for you.”

When chatting with Giomani on his background and what brought him to this new place in music, he says his nine years in music really developed when he met a producer and mentor called “T-ron Musiq,” bringing out a new side of him he had never seen before. Now his collaboration and work with POPOFF brings their music together to a new level. With all of their music being produced, mixed, and mastered by POPOFF, and creative-directing every piece of content themselves, they continuously shock their audience with new ways to actually be creative.

POPOFF and Giomani have worked together before on their track called “Come As You Are” which became an absolute hit with 190k plus streams since earlier this year! There is no doubt that their music is going to change the scope of the industry, and the ability to break into it, forever!

Giomani continues as he describes his newest single, “Pictures,” a reflection of his biggest heartbreak while creating an anthem for himself and anyone listening to that higher point of loving yourself and “cherishing every lesson [you] received on their journey of finding better.” In another collaboration with POPOFF mixing and mastering the song, as produced by Dizzy Wolfe, their music continues to soar in the charts and we cannot wait to see where they end up!

Fans have been gearing up for this moment in their career, and the American music industry has not seen the last of Giomani and POPOFF!

Musical Artist FLOJOBENZ Drops New Single: “The Dance Song”

Musical Artist FLOJOBENZ Drops New Single: “The Dance Song”

Chicago native and self-made musician, FLOJOBENZ, has recently released his much anticipated single, The Dance Song, on all major streaming platforms including Youtube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. He is a fresh face to the music scene, who brings an even more fresh sound, FLOJOBENZ will be an artist to keep your eye on in the new year.

Like so many other exceptional artists who came before him, FLOJOBENZ was born and raised in the Chicago area. This same city would be where he ultimately got his start. FLOJOBENZ began developing his iconic sultry R&B sound back in 2018 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. There, he met like-minded creatives, who helped him realize his potential and encouraged him to pursue a music industry career. FLOJOBENZ reminisces on his time at the University of Illinois at Chicago, “I went [to UIC] with my good friend, Doobie. Everyday after class and work I would rush over to his dorm room to create another song. Music became everything.”

It is rare to see entirely self-made artists in the music industry; however, FLOJOBENZ is a perfect example of an artist creating notable works independently through dedication and commitment to his product. He describes himself as a perfectionist, which is apparent through the quality of his work. FLOJOBENZ came from humble beginnings as a Soundcloud artist; since then, he has been recognized by fellow artists and has been featured on many hits such as SUPA! with Chris DaShon, Smile with Alex Ro$e, and Thanks For The Mmrs with Austen Nobles.

Despite his undeniable success in the songs he has been a featured artist on, FLOJOBENZ songs that have received the most traction and recognition are his independent singles, Non-Stop and thedepressionsong. FLOJOBENZ has curated a unique, sultry sound that sets him apart from other names in the industry. With a clear command of musical composition and a mastery of lyricism, FLOJOBENZ is an artist to watch out for.

For most, the events of 2020 have dampened spirits, brought uncertainty, and have become a period of stagnation. FLOJOBENZ has used this time and channeled his energy into furthering his craft and honing his abilities to become a virtuoso of modern R&B and Hip Hop. Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought, FLOJOBENZ has continued to create music for his fans with an intention to alleviate the stress of this time and produce a sense of inspiration.

FLOJOBENZ’s preservation and dedication to perfecting his craft during these tumultuous times is clearly reflected with his newest single, The Dance Song. His single combines beats reminiscent of classic R&B combined with what can only be described as intoxicating lyricism. In spite of being a recent release, The Dance Song has already caught fire, gaining thousands of streams throughout streaming services.

Through his artistry, FLOJOBENZ hopes to be able to inspire fans to create and seek out joy in their lives. His music is aimed to display an intoxicating passion that will push his fans to find that level of intensity in all other parts of their lives.

FLOJOBENZ likens himself and his journey to a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis into a butterfly, breaking out of his cocoon to show the world his spectacular transformation. This idea led to FLOJOBENZ’s next project, aptly titled Metamorphosis, which he has revealed is already over half complete. “I’m working on new material to keep the message of change prominent in my project,” he explains.

In addition to Metamorphosis, FLOJOBENZ has other unrelated songs and projects in store for his fans he hopes to release in the upcoming months. FLOJOBENZ is an artist quickly on the rise and will surely be making waves in the new year. To follow his journey and be the first to hear all his latest releases follow him on all major platforms @FLOJOBENZ

  • INSTAGRAM: @flojobenzFACEBOOK: Flojobenz IXIXSOUNDCLOUD: flojobenz
  • SPOTIFY: @flojobenz
  • SOUNDCLOUD: flojobenz
LAIKIPIA releases A Powerful Message in the Electronic Scene

LAIKIPIA releases A Powerful Message in the Electronic Scene

LAIKIPIA released the music video for “Big Fish” this past week. The clip became a powerful force in the music industry. With its dynamic build up, the music video reflects the intensity of the music as well as the lyrics.

“You’ve left your guard down, But how could you have known, That I’m the big fish round here, You’re a small fish. I could make you disappear- You should know this”

LAIKIPIA releases A Powerful Message in the Electronic SceneWith these words written both hauntingly and dreamily, the meaning of the song truly begins to shine through. Big Fish is about the balance of power, control and confrontation. And as the song continues to be layered, the force changes the entire vibe of the song. Paired with an electronic atmosphere, this song is bound to get sampled and being used at electronic festivals for sure.

“Smaller minds make easy prey, When there’s nothing left but fear… You’ve sung your heart out, You’ve given yourself away”

This song makes a great statement. It portrays a scene of the moment where, after a crushing defeat, a man finally stands up to his oppressor. He shows his resistance while being the “big fish” and it’s a dark and intense song with a great overall vibe and presence.

Watch and listen to Big Fish now