Blue Midnight: The Dream Metal Band

by | Feb 8, 2019

Blue Midnight is the outlier in today’s world. The band’s creative blends of music choices—surprises and twists from song to song is going to be a trademark for their career.  There are few artists who naturally combine the classical symphony orchestra along with grungy rock sounds of the 90s, emotions and ideas with a voice as signature as Justine’s, the co-founder of the band.  Blue Midnight is, after all, the budding architects of the smashing album “Eternal Wish”.

For all career artists, making fresh material matter is a big challenge. Inspiration is a picky thing, and past accomplishments often draw a level that is difficult to overcome. But talent like this band has does not come unexpectedly; it consists of the diligent artists who have worked their way up to reach this level.

Justine created the band in collaboration with Sam, who is the producer and also her cousin. The band features Matt Hornbeck and Todd McCool on heavy distorted acoustic guitar that sprinkle the upper register with an ephemeral, dreamy atmosphere, Mike Hill and David Allen driving four on the floor with bass and drum supporting an infectious chorus and high-frequency emphasis on violin by Edgar Sandoval while also featuring the contrasting instrumental and rock sounds of light, ethereal, and operatic vocals by Justine, herself with a dramatic string section.

Vocalist and songwriter, Justine stated, “I was picturing a horror fairytale, the song Nightshade is about toxicity in all of its forms that look the most appealing.” Blue Midnights songs are like a moment in time. There has always been liberation in the lyrics, and genre-bending in the soundtracks. Starting with the concept to fuse the two worlds of music together by combining both heavy elements and orchestral elements. The band wishes to continue this tradition, but with perception and craftsmanship that simply a band of their calibre could command.

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