BOKITO release debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse’

by | Feb 15, 2017

BOKITO release belting debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse’

London-Irish ‘tropical indie’ sensations BOKITO is sharing their brilliant sound. The band releases belting debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse’ on Lost In The Manor Records and we at 1 In Music are delighted to share their brilliant tune to you.

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About ‘Better At Getting Worse’

Though an unequivocal dancehall classic, a booming amalgam of Afro-funk and indie, ‘Better At Getting Worse’ is something of a cautionary insight to the male psyche. Frontman Moses explains: “The song is primarily aimed at men and their own handling of their emotions… and how useless most of them are at it. But we men are talented at one thing, which is suppressing everything and moulding it into a smile.” Indeed, one listen to ‘Better At Getting Worse’ and it’s hard not to crack a grin the size of an alpine crevasse, right from the song’s swirling organ-and-guitar refrain soaring across an angular calypso rhythm, to its absolutely astral chorus, a spine-tingler of a hook that finds Moses proclaiming “Everyone thinks I’m better but really I’m just getting better… better at getting worse”. Produced by Bradley Spencer and Alex Beitzke in London’s Fish Tank studios, and mastered by legendary Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Calbi, ‘Better At Getting Worse’ is a characteristically compelling first salvo from a band who have a rich seam of ready singles in waiting.

About Bokito

Peddling an uproarious blend of rock, soca, funk and roots, London-based five-piece Bokito have coined a phrase for their unique genre mashup: tropical indie. Anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed the group’s jaw-dropping live sets, where edgy grooves and unforgettable hooks are delivered as if every show is a sun-baked carnival, would relate to this label. Though much of the attention naturally falls on singer Moses – a man whose extraordinary voice is married to eye-popping stage-front shape-throwing that proves a catalyst for the audience to follow suit – the vice-like tightness and melodious flourishes of the band, comprising Jody (bass), Joe (guitar), Tom (drums) and Sam (keys/percussion), are equally essential. Bokito take inspiration from such diverse sources as J Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Fela Kuti, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age to bring a little of the rousing celtic spirit of Moses’ Irish homeland to London’s global soundscape. The thrilling results proved irresistible to Lost In The Manor Records, which added Bokito to its roster as a signing sure to put a rocket under 2017.

See Bokito live

5th April – The Lock Tavern, Camden, London

28th April – Whelans, Dublin, Ireland

20th May – The Great Escape @ Queens Hotel, Brighton

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