BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON releases debut EP ‘Some Same Soul’ and single ‘Numb’

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Releases, News

BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON paint sonic landscapes with their debut EP ‘Some Same Soul’ and single ‘Numb’

‘Numb’ is a psych-pop song. The whole part is made of the same 4 chords, but its drum beats are constantly changing like a wave. The song is about the feeling of numbness, which might be the answer for all the questions you may have for people. Let yourself flow with numbness.”

“Numb” off the debut EP ‘Some Same Soul’ from the Japanese band BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON has a strong tendency towards psychedelic/electro, in comparison to their previous releases, and brings out the heat with its very shoe-gazey development in the second half.

After the releases of “Paranoid” and “All I Want”, the latter being selected on many official playlists all over Asia, the band has released their long anticipated debut EP on 29th July. All tracks off the EP have been added to several Spotify editorial playlists in various countries, including New Music Wednesday Japan.

Shohei Megumi (Gt&Vo), Yusuke Okada (Dr) and Ayu Megumi (Ba&Vo) founded the indie pop band BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON in 2017 in Osaka (Japan).

Two voices of very different colors, singing in English, blend into a very open sound, adding their own peculiar and crooked angle to the universality of pop. Clearly inspired by Western indie, their music is much more than that, easily tickling the ears of listeners from various backgrounds.

The lyrics, co-written by the brother and sister Megumi, depict with a rich expressiveness the complexity of the heart, and how it underlies the inherent loneliness of people, the beauty of looking for someone to heal this solitude, the feeling of love.

The three members of BROTHER SUN SISTER MOON jump across music categories with their evolving art form, an anonymous projection of people’s inner self into music.

Before they even debuted, they caught the attention of music curators and were invited to various major festivals in Japan.

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