Why Interviews?

1 In Music goes behind the music stage into the heart of the music scene. We interview music professionals, including artists and bands. The aim is to meet with the real instruments of the music. 1 In Music want to find out about the person or even often the people behind the sound. The team seeks to unearth the story behind the releases. We look to find even more of the soul in the record.

We do all this to enrich our listeners. Our observations have led us to develop tools that serve our audience in this endeavour. For example, the listener seems even more sensitive to a song when he/she knows where it comes from. Many elements give more than a tune to a song: the journey to its completion, the story of its writer, the sharing of its performer give a song. They give it a heart.

As per usual, we always try to go beyond boundaries. As such, interviews are conducted for music professionals of any genre and any country. The hope is that, where music styles are less known, the listener can start finding a common ground in the experiences that the musician describes in their interview.