Coeur à Coeur Acoustique, Paris

by | Dec 4, 2014

Coeur à Coeur AcoustiqueWhat is Coeur à Coeur Acoustique?

This is a meeting between an artist and an audience in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The goal of the Coeur à Coeur Acoustique (literally “Acoustic Heart to Heart”) is to enable an intimate exchange between artist and audience.

Inspired evenings in the village and gatherings under the tree while listening to a storyteller or griot , the artist says music and words with the audience around him.

At Coeur à Coeur Acoustique, music is king. The encounter between artist and audience is the palace from whose throne melodies arise.

The power of musical Art

Art has the power to break down the barriers between people and the music that unite the hearts around an emotion, a musical note, a silence, a wonder.
The goal is to create a framework for the exchange there and also for sharing beyond music between artist and audience.

Thus Coeur à Coeur Acoustique meetings allow the audience to attend a mini concert, talk with an artist through questions and answers, allowing the artist if not a unique then an unusual exchange with their listeners, an exchange that they do not generally get.

A community experience, a shared memory of time

One of the advantages of the game is that you go with a shared memory of time, the artist album, their dedication and a musical written memory of a moment that we hope unforgettable.

The mission is to provide seasoned artists and enable the public to meet singers and lesser known but talented musicians whose universe affect us.

Our artistic targets are artists from Africa, the African diaspora and African descent because we believe there is among them beautiful talents and interesting human qualities.

It is the mission of Afrodiaspor’Arts – Expressions of Black Cultures to promote the arts and cultures of Africa and the black diaspora and the COEUR A COEUR ACOUSTIQUE is one of the ways to do so in the field of music.

Coeur à Coeur Acoustique meeting

To learn more , come to our meeting. We meet a priori one Sunday per month , in the afternoon in Paris.
Meeting place: Restaurant/Café A6O9, 166 Boulevard Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris, Metro Place d’Italie.
Meeting: Day/Time: Sunday 3:00pm to 6:00pm.
Meeting frequency: one about once a month

Editor’s notes: A few years after this was writte, Coeur A Coeur Acoustique unfortunately stopped. This exceptional artistic meeting between musicians and public will be sorely missed.

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