Coucou, here is Charlotte Dipanda

by | Nov 5, 2014

Already a familiar voice in the music scene, Charlotte Dipanda has accompanied the greatest musicians live and in studio including international legend Manu Dibango, Malian griotte Rokia Traore, Congolese star Papa Wemba and French star Axelle Red.
She takes her vocals to the next step when she goes solo in 2008 with her debut album Mispa followed 2 years later by a sophomore album “Dube l’am” which shows the Cameroonian singer speaking as per the album title of what she believes in (the album is entitled “Dube l’am” which stands for My faith). With it, the Cameroonian singer-songwriter presents songs that brings her audience closer to her true self, in particular popular track Coucou.

Her mostly acoustic Afropop is rich in heritage with appropriate touches of traditional Cameroonian folk but unencumbered in rendition. Strong of her female artist of the year award at Canal d’or 2009, her voice rocks you gently beyond the languages she sings in (French, Bakaka and Duala) to an understanding that defies these mere boundaries. Recognition is immediate as international Jazz and World star Richard Bona and famous Zouk band member Jacob Desvarieux feature in the album.

Chantal Dipanda in songs

  1. Bwel From her debut album comes this lovely acoustic piece lifted by melodic harmonies, brush percussions and a nostalgia-feeled Jazz-fusion-toned guitar riff
  2. Our first featured track is Coucou from her second album, a beautiful acoustic ballad that touches in spite of it being sung in Duala
  3. International star Richard Bona pens a song for Dipanda and accompanies her in this duet.
  4. Charlotte Dipanda’s lovely voice shines as it lends itself beautifully to this rhythmic Zouk with Eric Virgal.
  5. Tè bè nde na – Another gem from her first album, very fusion and showcasing her vocals
  6. Longè – Again her first album gives us this track about humility.
  7. Elle n’a pas vu
    (more songs soon to come as she releases her long anticipated 3rd album)

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