Daniel Santiago releases Song for Tomorrow

by | Jan 21, 2021

Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and composer Daniel Santiago releases an ambitious original record that featuring guest performances by legendary musical artists. The thirteen-track album is produced by jazz legend Kurt Rosenwinkel, mixed by Charis Karantzas, mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering and released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2021. Eric Clapton plays the electric guitar on first track Open World. Kurt Rosenwinkel is the on the main track Song of tomorrow. Joshua Redman on O Que Valerá, Other guests include Aaron Parks, Pedro Martins, and more. A record well suited to the ears of indie-rockers, world music listeners, and just about anyone else, Song for Tomorrow is the latest addition to Heartcore Record’s catalogue of genre-defying contemporary artistic work. This is an international affair, defying the pandemic that closed borders, recorded across multiple studios in London (Eric Clapton’s guitar solo), São Paulo (Vocals on “Open World”, Drums recorded by Sergio Machado and bass guitar by Frederico Heliodoro), New York (Piano on “Clara Manhã”), Oakland (Saxophone on “O Que Valerá”), Brasilia (Keys and guitar by Pedro Martins).

“Listen to this, I guarantee it will change your mind, it gives me peace and hope, it makes me want to play.”
– Eric Clapton

Cover Art Daniel_Santiago Song for Tomorrow

Tracks from Song for Tomorrow

In Song for Tomorrow, Daniel Santiago takes us on a musical journey. He serves us Indie Rock accentuated by electric guitar and enhanced by Jazz and world touches as demonstrated particularly in opening track Open World, then on the title track and on track 3, O Que Valerá (feat. Joshua Redman).It goes a little atmospheric and eerie the time it takes to air track 4, Clara Manha, which leaves a trace afterwards even as it definitely returns indie Rock with How it should be. The seductive Mundo (feat. Pedro Martins) is almost an invitation to open up in a world that has shied away from itself with the threats of covid-19. It has the tanginess of Latin America, the harmonies of a Western whisper and goes out to the world.
The tempo is ever so slightly upped with track 7 Nao Vai Apagar (Fly Lua Fly). Progressive barely utters a word (Martins murmurs a few) but it is one of those quiet ones that says a lot. Inspired and melancoly-infusing, playing with our heartstrings and breath all at once, the song is a duo of guitars with Daniel Santiago on nylon guitar and Pedro Martins on steel guitar. The pair reprise this duo on From The Mountains, a track that murmurs from both artists’ vocals like a Jazz-infused lullaby which gets you lost in your thoughts or take a break from them.

Roots is a bobbing-head yet quiet fiesta whispering for a few seconds a nostalgic tune taking us back right into Daniel Santiago’s heart. It only takes a few notes to paint a thousand feelings. Heroes gets the rhytm back with a more present percussive rendering. The arrangements manage to balance the synth with all the other instruments without overwhelming the atmosphere that is set. The pernultimate song is the bewitching Nao Vou. The lovely bonus track instrumental Salamander is available on LP, Japanese edition and Heartcore Records website and reunites Santiago and Martins.

Daniel Santiago is on vocals, electric, acoustic, nylon & steel guitar, synths, bass guitar, percussion, lyrics. Pedro Martins is on vocals, electric, steel guitar, piano, keys, bass guitar, percussion. Kurt Rosenwinkel plays electric guitar, synths, bass guitar, drums and sing vocals. Aaron Parks guests on the piano. Joshua Redman is on soprano saxophone, Charis Karantzas on electric guitar, Frederico Heliodoro is on bass guitar, Sergio Machado on drums, Renato Galvão on drums and Marina Marchi on backing vocals.