Exclusive with award-winning songwriter Cory M. Coons

by | Jul 8, 2024

Meet Cory M. Coons

Cory M. Coons, a professional independent performer, musician, and award-winning songwriter from Eastern Ontario, Canada, has been passionately involved in music for over 30 years. Known for his roots-rock/Americana blend, Cory has garnered over 170,000 Spotify plays and worked with legendary producer Ron Nevison. His discography includes several acclaimed albums and EPs, including “The Long Road Home” and “33.3.” Cory’s talent has earned him multiple nominations and awards, including at the Josie Music Awards and International Singer-Songwriter Association awards (ISSA awards). A respected freelance guitar instructor, he has opened for Canadian legends like April Wine and Kim Mitchell and continues to perform at festivals and venues with his band, CMC & the Dirt Road Gypsys. 1 In Music meets the artist.

The sound of Cory M. Coons

What is unique about you and your music?

Cory M. Coons [CMC]: I feel my music is passionate, and I try to be very positive with my outlook on things, and in my lyrics when I can. I think that will always resonate with fans and followers, or anyone in general.

I try to stay true to what I am.

What or who shaped your music and who supports you?

CMC: Music with great harmony and melody. My family has always been very supportive, along with my good friends and fans. And my parents were also always great supporters of what I did musically.

Cory M. Coons

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

CMC: Probably around the age of 17 near the end of high school. I just knew music would be a big part of my life then…

Cory M Coons’ inspiration

What type of music do you listen to?

Cory M. Coons [CMC]: Most kinds.

Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?


I feel most independent artists today are undervalued.

How do you prepare for your performances?

CMC: I usually start preparing for a show the day of, when I first get up. I mentally go through what I need to get together with my personal stage gear, and perhaps go over lyrics of songs I may want to perform that evening, and perhaps a short run through of certain songs for acoustic performances.

Cory M Coons inspires us

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

Cory M. Coons [CMC]: I love to spend time with my family. My wife and 10 year old daughter keep me balanced.

Success to you is…?

Cory M. CoonsCMC: Family, faith and music!

What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?


Surround yourself with the right team of players, those who truly want to see you succeed.

What is next for Cory M Coons?

Any upcoming projects?

Cory M. Coons [CMC]: I am always working on new ideas and music. More songs to come in the near future!

And best wishes with that! Where do we find you music?

CMC: http://www.corymcoons.com/pdfrelease.html  – https://linktr.ee/corymcoons

I am also on Facebook, IG, YouTube and Spotify.