f:sv Unveils Her First Solo Release Titled ‘quiver’

by | Dec 15, 2023

f:sv Unveils Her First Solo Release Titled ‘quiver’Quiver Single release

Exciting news from f:sv! Delighted to announce the release of her latest single, ‘quiver,’ following the success of her debut track, ‘Yours‘ and her feature on ‘Keep Pacing‘ by Aaron P’Reach, f:sv continues to deliver depth and textbook catchiness in her lyrics, continuing her story of triumph over darkness and difficulty. Available everywhere from the first of December, ‘quiver’ showcases f:sv’s genre-bending artistry, combining elements from alternative, hyperpop, and drum and bass in a way that defies easy classification.

About f:sv

f:sv, a UK-based singer-songwriter with roots in jazz, gospel, and R&B, has gained attention on platforms like Instagram and TikTok and has featured on Gospel Hydration and BBC Radio Berkshire. Describing herself as a ‘vibestress,’ she challenges traditional genre labels, delivering an innovative and rhythmic sound that captivates audiences.

Born in Paris and rediscovering her love for music after a spiritual revelation in 2017, f:sv’s upcoming performance at her celebratory birthday jubilee concert promises an exclusive event infused with affluent artistry.

Reflecting on the release, f:sv shares,

‘The aim of ‘Yours’ was to show everyone what I was made of. I wanted to show everyone that I could deliver a message and theme sonically, visually and conceptually. With ‘quiver,’ I think I’ve carried that same heart and legacy, and I hope that people really start to get what I’m about.’

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