Gabriel Vendramini and Guilherme Wolf release EP DIY Split Vol. 1

by | Apr 22, 2020

Two musicians turned friends, Gabriel Vendramini and Guilherme Wolf, release their EP called DIY Split Vol. 1

DIY Split, as the name implies, offers a DIY approach to the music industry. The two artists themselves refer to their music as DIY lo-fi indie rock. On first and subsequent listens, it becomes apparent that the music has a rebellious strand to it that goes beyond indie Rock. The sound have a ska component, reminiscent of the style of English ska band Madness with its mix of organised chaos and mad order. When you add to that some electric guitar instrumental as featured on track one Heavy Metal, you start getting a picture of intention and delivery. The siren sound introducing track two and the electronica on the same track entitled Patrol on the Ride complete a picture that looks more and more like parts of the soundtrack of a anti-hero movie. The vocals’ quasi-disharmony complement the attitude that resounds in this inventive arrangement.

Gabriel Vendramini and Guilherme Wolf release EP DIY Split Vol. 1Gabriel Vendramini came together with a Guilherme Wolf to create and release this two-track EP. The two musicians became friends because they identified with each other’s DIY music production. What would follow was only natural and their symbiose  shows in the production of this EP. Even though each of them reinterprets the other’s sound, the EP still feel like one united work. This might testify of that musical connection the pair have. Gabriel Vendramini plays the first track, Heavy metal, a song penned by Guilherme Wolf’s song. And likewise and Guilherme Wolf plays Gabriel Vendramini’s song Patrol on the ride. It is a sound that the DIY music lover, the indie rock fan, the ska supporter will equally appreciate.

Listen to the EP at

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