George Michael: Kissing Fools

by | Apr 16, 2019

George Michael: Artist Profile

Hailed more as a sex symbol than the deeply gifted singer-songwriter he is, George Michael is an example of artist whose clothes have unjustly made the man he is for a long time, denying the true depth of his amazing talent. The artist is truly underappreciated, from the magic of his voice to the craft of his songmaking to the his production skills.

The singer has a plume that defies time, bringing lost decennies in his modern songwriting, taking us into a dizzying and addictive waltz where emotions meet the inquisitive mind. His turn of phrase, his choice of progression, his very arrangements and instrumentations have the tactful touch of someone who pays every attention to detail, gives a daily praise to music, with devotion and meaning, sensitivity and sensibility.

He is the unfortunately ideal pop star whose appearance and life often obscured his songs. This is unfortunate because most of these kinds of distraction are meant to cover up a lack of substance and flair in the musical releases and this has never been the case for this artist. Every song has proven that he deserves to be hailed for his talent as singer-songwriter.

His lyrics sometimes daring, sometimes softly unclothing the hidden soul or the lustful desires, take us by surprise. They reveal at times more topical grounds than at first appear and always shows a depth that can, at first sight, at first listen even, be missed. Perhaps, his inspirationally soulful voice and melodies have just been kissing fools all along.  To hear those messages requires forsaking the path of least resistance, abandoning the sideshows distractions we crave, and paying attention: and there you hear it. His voice is a soft and natural wave. The song arrangements highlight these absolutely enchanting vocals with well-timed silences, and variances in volume. The man is a pure pleasure to listen to.

George Michael in ten songs

  1. Faith
  2. Careless Whisper – Just one lyric line to rest this case: “Guilty feet have got no rhythm” because telling you how much more this song is will just blow your mind
  3. Freedom! 90 – This is an impossible song not to move to. To be so talented that one can craft as accomplished a dancing song as they do soft ballads is a true feat.
  4. Jesus to A Child
  5. One More Try – This is a truly beautiful song. Beverly Knight agrees and covers every wave of her rendition with the velvet of the chocolate of her voice. Delicious.
  6. Kissing a Fool – My favourite? Sigh, it is so hard to chose!
  7. Spinning The Wheel – My favourite. Period.
  8. Father Figure – His version is enchanting. But when Tori Amos takes it on, she opens it up and brings the message to light, the beauty of its creation and the songwriting talent of George Michael
  9. Cowboys and Angels
  10. You have been loved