The Gibb Collective: A Family’s musical hommage to the Bee Gees

by | Oct 9, 2017

The Gibb Collective is a collection of tribute songs each sung by a different child or relation of the original Gibb brothers: Andy, Barry, Robin and Maurice.

The obviously musically talented family of the BeeGees were brought together by Samantha Gibb, daughter of Maurice, who wants to find a way to honor her father and Uncles, in the way that they would have all loved and appreciated.

Each song has a unique voice and sound and breathes new life into these classic songs that are instantly recognizable and have been loved for so long.

The album is a collection of covers infused with new life and recorded by some of the children and younger sister to all four brothers.

“We had wanted to do a tribute for a long time,” said Samantha Gibb. “They were happy to jump on board and began recording their own versions of their favorite Brothers Gibb song.”

Joining Samantha on the album are Spencer and Robin-John Gibb (Robin’s sons), Stephen and Travis Gibb (Barry’s sons), Peta Gibb (Andy’s daughter), Adam Gibb (Maurice’s son) and Berry Gibb-Rhoades (the brothers’ younger sister).

They are “all amazing, beautiful people and incredibly talented and creative, Samantha said, speaking of her seven singing partners. “They each truly leave their mark on the songs they chose.”

“We grew up listening to the music and we chose to put our interpretations of the songs on this album,” she continued. “We wanted to add our feelings and emotions to the songs performed and we hope you will embrace and enjoy what you hear.”

But this album –available on CD or vinyl, for true music aficionados – is more than a stroll down memory lane.

“Music today has really been influenced by older stuff. It would be incredible to reach out to new generations,” Samantha said. “I feel what we have done with this tribute is create tracks that will have an impact on new listeners.”

The album is available from the website at and on iTunes.

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