Giomani and POPOFF break way in the American music industry

by | Jan 11, 2021

The music industry, though changed, has not taken a pause despite the coronavirus changing the way the world looks at life. Even better is that we’re seeing more artists come out with new music with the additional time to perfect their craft. 

Artists like Giomani and POPOFF have paved the way for themselves in the US as their roots in the music industry and are adding to this new genre that anyone can vibe to. With their newest single “JUST 4 U”, the artistic quality that goes behind the depth in the rhythm and soul of the song is palpable.

Reminiscent of the smooth vibes of The Weeknd and Maluma, anyone listening to this track can picture themselves on a night drive or a movie montage, as the modern yet mellow beat flows through you. And to end the song with a bang, the pop to R&B crossover is met with a phenomenal guitar solo that is sure to leave you speechless. 

Whether your mood be for the simple head bopping, or the intensity of your heart racing, the track truly takes you through a ride of emotions as the chorus continues: “Take away all my pride/Walking across the firе/Just for you/Just for you.”

When chatting with Giomani on his background and what brought him to this new place in music, he says his nine years in music really developed when he met a producer and mentor called “T-ron Musiq,” bringing out a new side of him he had never seen before. Now his collaboration and work with POPOFF brings their music together to a new level. With all of their music being produced, mixed, and mastered by POPOFF, and creative-directing every piece of content themselves, they continuously shock their audience with new ways to actually be creative.

POPOFF and Giomani have worked together before on their track called “Come As You Are” which became an absolute hit with 190k plus streams since earlier this year! There is no doubt that their music is going to change the scope of the industry, and the ability to break into it, forever!

Giomani continues as he describes his newest single, “Pictures,” a reflection of his biggest heartbreak while creating an anthem for himself and anyone listening to that higher point of loving yourself and “cherishing every lesson [you] received on their journey of finding better.” In another collaboration with POPOFF mixing and mastering the song, as produced by Dizzy Wolfe, their music continues to soar in the charts and we cannot wait to see where they end up!

Fans have been gearing up for this moment in their career, and the American music industry has not seen the last of Giomani and POPOFF!