I Write The Songs #102 Herbert Groenemeyer

by | Jan 15, 2017

I Write The Songs #102 Herbert Groenemeyer (songwriter of the week) first aired on Canalside Radio 102.8fm on the 24th of January 2017. Playlist and Mixcloud podcast now available below.

Don’t let anything or anyone take you away from your smile
Duane Stephenson

I Write The Songs #102 Herbert Groenemeyer – part 1

    1. Camille – Wet Boy 2:28 Ilo Veyou, 2011  Camille Dalmais, France
    2. Boo Hewerdine – The Year That I Was Born (Born EP), 2016, England
    3. Sarah Grundy Circadian Grooves 2:43 Circadian Grooves 160 kbps
    4. Herbert Groenemeyer, Marie
    5. Karine Polwart, Follow the Heron, 3:04, 1998 the back of the winter is broken
    6. Santana Feat. Joe Cocker Little Wing 4:52 Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time Rock  2010 Jimi Hendrix

I Write The Songs #102 Herbert Groenemeyer – part 2

  1. Patty Griffin, Rowing song (Impossible Dream), 2004 www.pattygriffin.com
  2. Levi Parham – Your Blue Eyes Give You Away 03:25 (These American Blues), 2016

    Levi will be doing a (semi) acoustic tour of Holland in March
    Levi Parham solo:
    Fri 17/3 Veendam – Blueprint Radio
    Sat 18/3 TBC Amsterdam
    Levi Parham & BJ Baartmans
    Sun 19/3 Hengelo – Cactus Cafe
    Mon 20/3 Bergen op Zoom – Crossroads @ Zwijnshoofd
    Tue 21/3 Oss – Railtoad Roots @ Den Toei
    Wed 22/3 Eindhoven – Rozenknopje
    Thu 23/3 Nijmegen – Tangelder @ Trianon
    Fri 24/3 availableand a tour with band in Spain
    Spain: Levi Parham with band
    Mon.27/3 Gijon – Sala Acapulco/Casino de Asturias
    Tue 28/3 Bilbao – Kafe Antzokia Kutxa Beltza
    wed 29/3 Barcelona – Rocksound
    Thu 30/3 Valencia – Loco Club
    Fri 31/3 Madrid – Boite Live
    Sat 1/4 Zaragoza – Ley Seca
    Levi will be touring in Holland and hopefully UK with band this fall

  3. Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite, I Ride at Dawn, 2014
  4. David Ball, The bottle that pours the wine (Starlite Lounge), 1996
  5. Behla Hutchinson To The Sea 2:56 Fatea Showcase Session Autumn 15 – Undercurrent Mixed Compilation, 2015 hold me rock me gently to sleep
  6. Herbert Gronemeyer, Halt mich

I Write The Songs #102 Herbert Groenemeyer – part 3

  1. Patricia Kaas Yesterday When I Was Young [Hier encore] (Piano Bar) 3:54  Charles Aznavour
  2. Ricky Ross – Baby What’s To Know (Refugee) 3:22 1411 kbps 80 0 1
    ‘Refugee’ is a highly significant collaborative recording project which reflects, through song, the issue of the refugee crisis in its many forms, from Syria and beyond.
  3. Coco Mbassi – Blubridge (Jóa) 0:53 2014 80 0 1
  4. Herbert Groenemeyer – Mensch 4.30 was muss muss
  5. Carole King – Way Over Yonder (Tapestry) 4:44 2009 Carole King
  6. Duane Stephenson feat Tarrus Riley, Exhale, 4.36
    What better way to end the day and our playlist than to say good bye, thank you an to exhale. Don’t let anything or anyone take you away from your smile, sings Duane Stephenson featuring Tarrus Riley in this last song dedicated to our own Trish the Empress who played it first on her Reggae show right here on Canalside Radio