I Write the Songs #110 Sa Dingding

by | Mar 23, 2017

I Write The Songs #110 Sa Dingding songwriter of the week, aired on Canalside Radio 102.8FM 28th of March 2017

I Write The Songs #110 Sa Dingding – part 1

  1. Sa Dingding, Alive https://worldsingersongwriters.com/sa-dingding/
  2. Herbie Hancock Imagine 7:20 P!nk Seal India.Arie Jeff Beck Konono N°1 Oumou Sangaré, Imagine, 7:18″ The Imagine Project Jazz 2010 John Lennon (UK, US, DR Congo, Mali)
  3.  Paolo Nutini Candy 4:44 The Saturday Sessions 2010 Paolo Nutini
  4. Pauline Alexander with Sandy Stanage, The Dreamer, 3.38 Scotland www.paulinealexander.com, fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk

I Write The Songs #110 Sa Dingding – part 2

  1. Jump up behind me
  2. Daria Kulesh – Distant Love (UK/Russia)
    With her striking voice and strong Russian and Ingush heritage, Daria Kulesh is making a name for herself as a unique and exciting singer-songwriter. Her songs reflect her own turbulent and adventurous journey through life.
  3. Gerry Rafferty, Baker street
  4. Sa Dingding, Girl in a green dress, a track from her second album Harmony, released in 2010 and that showcases her Western influence
  5. Kate Bush, wow – , 1979, 3.42

I Write The Songs #110 Sa Dingding – part 3

  1. Vanessa Paradis, Joe le taxi, 1988 3.49
  2. Steamchicken, Gypsy, by Bill Reed www.steamschicken.co.ukfatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk
  3. Elfin Bow – The Wisdom www.elfinbow.comfatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk
  4. Antonio Lulic – False Positive (Acoustic) www.antoniolulic.com
  5. Holy incense (Tibet version: soundtrack for featured in the 2006 film “Prince of the Himalayas”.) 
  6. Neil Young, Like a hurricane – unplugged, 04.44


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