I Write The Songs 70 featuring Enya

by | Jun 10, 2015

enyaEnya: I Write The Songs 70 – Songwriter of the week:  Enya
The Queen of electro-ethereal Folk (with the castle to match) is revered for taking her Irish musical heritage to a post-modern magic dimension. Enya is the pronunciation and E-I-T-H-N-E is the original spelling for it in this songwriter’s native tongue, the Donegal dialect of the Irish language.
She is born in a musical family and even formed a band with some of them, the group Clannad, better known for their Theme From Harry’s Game.
Her songs are a success on and off screen bringing the ethereal to our lives. This show is about a songwriter of course but mostly an inspired and inspiring woman / human who touched many not least Antonín Mrkos who named the asteroid (6433 Enya) he discovered on 18 November 1978 after her.songwriteroftheweek

Tiki’s I Write The Songs #70 by Tiki Black on Mixcloud


I Write The Songs 70 featuring Enya – PART 1

  1. Enya, Orinocco Flow, Ireland
  2. Pink Floyd, Hey You (Roger Waters)
  3. Noa, Mishaela, 3.09, Israel
  4. Damon Albarn, Everyday robots, 2014
  5. Suzanne Vega, Luka
  6. Cat Stevens, Moonshadow

I Write The Songs 70 featuring Enya – part 2

  1. soundtrackoftheweekEnya, Watermark
  2. Lo-fang, You’re the one that I want (John Farrar)
  3. Daria Kulesh, Right here
  4. Ultravox, Contact, 2012
  5. Karine Polwart, Follow the heron, Scotland
  6. John Denver, Take me home country roads

I Write The Songs 70 featuring Enya – part 3

  1. Enya, Only time, 2000
  2. All Saints, Pure shores, 2000, England/Canada
  3. Father John Misty, Bored in the USA, 2015
  4. Enya, Storms in Africa
  5. Dido, White Flag
  6. Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson, Say say say