Interviews reveal the secrets behind these artists’ uniqueness, original perspective and take on the music industry, hard work and success. It is a pleasure to follow them on their journey, to hear the lessons they learn and how those enrich their next steps and evolve their music.

  • Ariel Currant: Interview - featured 2017, Feb 12th Ariel CurrantAriel Currant is a singer/songwriter from Ankeny, Iowa. Her amazing voice and insightful lyrics are perfectly matched with pop music, EDM, and electric crossover music. It became evident to everyone around her very early that her connection with music was strong. While most kids spoke of their feelings and thoughts, Ariel chose to sing about ... read on
  • Interview: Money Carsin 2016, Oct 14th Money CarsinMoney Carsin has been a man on the move for many years. A Division One basketball scholarship couldn’t keep this man out of the studio. After college, Money was on his grind harder than ever, appearing on mix tapes throughout the Tri-State. The artist has appeared on mix tapes hosted by Dame Grease, DJ Delz, DJ ... read on
  • Interview: Morrow’s Memory 2016, Sep 21st Morrow's Memory - Take ControlMetro-Detroit’s own, Morrow’s Memory, possess an elusive sound depicted as ‘sophisticated rock-forged with head-banging riffs, lyrics that speak to the masses and melodies that resonate in your soul’. That has certainly converted into significant airplay, reviews, magazine features, and other press worldwide. 1 In Music meets the band for an interview as the group promotes their follow-up EP ... read on
  • Interview: Khoen 2016, Sep 09th KhoenKhoen is an artist and songwriter currenty located in Sweden. He has been writing music for other artists since he was 13 years old. This year, he will be releasing his first solo project in 5 years called ” Call Me Kenji “. First out is his single  ” Shake ” that drops at the ... read on
  • Interview: Em Soto 2016, Sep 08th Interview: Em SotoEm Soto is an American Hip Hop artist and record producer from Brooklyn, NY. Soto created his own label IV Entertainment in 2013 being the front line artist and producer alongside J. Gordon, and label co owner G-Lyves, going on to form a group known asThe Hafwayz. After the label was created Em Soto was ... read on
  • Interview: Young Dread 2016, Aug 25th Interview: Young DreadBorn in the “low country – Geechee Island region of South Carolina”, Young Dread developed his unique slang known as Geechee. His heroes included all of the 75% of slaves that came through the Battery (the auction block in Charleston, SC) and held on to the unique Gullah culture. The Gullah people are directly descended ... read on
  • Interview: Jean Dubreus aka J.D. 2016, Aug 08th Jean Dubreus was born in Haiti in a nice country town called Port De Paix. He came to the US in 2000 to chase the American Dream. While singing in the local church choir, Jean was quickly reminded of his unique voice and amazing talent by his peers. Always thirsty for knowledge, he started to ... read on
  • Interview: Dr. Brenda Jefferson 2016, Aug 05th Dr. Brenda JeffersonBorn in Tampa, FL, Dr. Brenda Jefferson grew up sheltered, shy, and bound by an overwhelming spirit of fear. At the tender age of 25 years old, Dr. Jefferson was introduced to the world of ministry. Through an emotionally abusive childhood and a physically abusive first marriage, she began to transform as she saturated her ... read on
  • Interview: John Keenan 2016, Jul 25th John KeenanJohn Keenan is a rapper and producer from Great Bend, Kansas. John sprung onto the music scene with “The Mind of A Madman” Mixtape in 2010 which was followed by “One Day At A Time EP” in 2011. In 2012, John released his first full produced album “Where I Went Wrong” followed by “Imagination to the Nation” in 2013. ... read on
  • Interview: GIG Music Group 2016, Jul 17th GIG MUSIC GROUP LOGO MAINGIG Music Group’s corporate team has been active in the music industry for over 26 years. The management’s successes are in the form of nominations and winning awards ranging from the Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Soultrain Awards, MTV Awards, and BET Awards by executives Maquet Robinson (Member of Special Generation) and Obie Bermudez. ... read on