Interviews reveal the secrets behind these artists’ uniqueness, original perspective and take on the music industry, hard work and success. It is a pleasure to follow them on their journey, to hear the lessons they learn and how those enrich their next steps and evolve their music.

  • Talma Release In Circles – 1InMusic interviews the Alternative Rock band - featured 2018, Feb 20th TALMA Shot 1About TALMA Seamlessly blending alt, classic and art rock, London-based five-piece TALMA command a magnetic sound and presence that comes straight out of the underground scenes of London. TALMA’s raw and unshackled live performances are where they truly run riot. They’ve supported the likes of Queen’s Spike Edney and received acclaim for their intense energy and ... read on
  • Lord Conrad: An Interview with the multi-talented upcoming artist 2018, Jan 20th Lord Conrad Touch The Sky DirectorNew and upcoming hot musician Lord Conrad hails from Italy. His artistic philosophy reflects his sensitive and altruistic character. He believes people should focus on spreading positive messages and be themselves by following their passion. The former model, dancer and public relations events specialist has left his artistic print at clubs throughout Milan, the world fashion capital, ... read on
  • Meeting RAANI: An interview with 1 In Music 2017, Oct 19th RAANI (rah-nee) is a pop/soul singer-songwriter. Her musical influences are eclectic and inspire her with the emotion and energy in their delivery which she in turns impacts on her listeners. Her latest release, the single ‘All My Ladies,’ available at all major retailers was nominated for a 2016 Edmonton Music Award in the best R&B/ Soul recording ... read on
  • DJ ILLANOISE: An Interview 2017, Oct 19th DJ ILLANOISE“I wanted to be a DJ before I knew what a DJ was“, says Raphael Thomas Woods, known more commonly as DJ Illanoise. A veteran of the Los Angeles club scene, DJ Illanoise has become a keystone among LA nightlife circles since he emerged in the early 2000s, performing at LA’s most prestigious clubs and ... read on
  • Star Theories: Band Interview 2017, Sep 17th Strange Theories Band InterviewFormed in 2015, the band Star Theories boasts powerful vocal melodies, swirling guitar lines and rhythms that are very reminiscent of modern Alt-Rock bands like The 1975 and Kings of Leon. Even with a steady Rock aesthetic in their portfolio, this quartet can quickly find themselves drawing from Classic Rock, Blues and even R&B influences. Gabe’s ... read on
  • Scott Thorn’s Ordinary Day: An Interview 2017, Sep 16th Scott Thorn's Ordinary Day: An InterviewScott Thorn is an American singer/songwriter who grew up around the Gulf Coast of Florida listening to Southern blues, country, gospel and rock and roll. Since that time he has travelled and lived in many places throughout the United States from one coast to the other and abroad taking influence from his travels. His direct ... read on
  • Santino De La Tore (SDLT): Interview 2017, May 20th Santino De La Tore1 In Music meets with international composer and producer Santino De La Tore (SDLT). Los-Angeles-based via Peru, SDLT has risen to fame in both South America and the United States. Today, he composes and produces solo albums, as well as music for startup apps, commercials, Hollywood films, television series, and more. We had a few ... read on
  • Interview with Reggae Show Presenter Empress T (Trish) 2017, May 19th Canalside Radio's own Reggae amabassador Trish aka Empress TTiki Black interviews Canalside Radio Reggae ambassador Trish aka Empress T Next year marks 50 years since Reggae music was created. Canalside Radio Reggae ambassador Trish is campaigning to the BBC for a fair representation of Reggae music and artists to be established by then. I have seen the passion of this lady for the genre, its artists ... read on
  • Ariel Currant: Interview 2017, Feb 12th Ariel CurrantAriel Currant is a singer/songwriter from Ankeny, Iowa. Her amazing voice and insightful lyrics are perfectly matched with pop music, EDM, and electric crossover music. It became evident to everyone around her very early that her connection with music was strong. While most kids spoke of their feelings and thoughts, Ariel chose to sing about ... read on
  • Interview: Money Carsin 2016, Oct 14th Money CarsinMoney Carsin has been a man on the move for many years. A Division One basketball scholarship couldn’t keep this man out of the studio. After college, Money was on his grind harder than ever, appearing on mix tapes throughout the Tri-State. The artist has appeared on mix tapes hosted by Dame Grease, DJ Delz, DJ ... read on