Jaelle Monae’s lead guitarist Kellindo releases Long Gone

by | Sep 20, 2020

Kellindo Parker BostonCalling (Scott Murry)It is 1InMusic’s distinct pleasure to support and share with you the latest from New-York multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Kellindo. Jaelle Monae’s lead guitarist releases his new single Long Gone. At 1InMusic, we were extremely excited to be given the opportunity to hear the single before it is out. The track offers a groovy whilst funky kind of rock ‘n’ roll-infused soul enriched with Kellindo’s signature fret work and colourful and unique tone. There is also guitar riffs with ever so slight touches of Aynsley Lister revisiting Gnarls Barkley whilst keeping this musical piece’s own originality and timber.

This solo effort bears the vocal influences of the likes of Stevie Wonder and the musical muses of Prince, two geniuses with whom this artist has performed for over a decade. Kellindo’s musical experience reinforces an already strong musically-gifted bloodlines. The solo artist is the nephew of no less than two funk legends, drummer Melvin Parker and saxophonist Maceo Parker, both key members of James Brown’s band. The latter mentored his nephew and was instrument in his music education and later propelling into the music scene. It is easy to recognize in the record some of the sharpened craft that Kellindo has brought to four Grammy-nominated records of collaborator Janelle Monar.

If this is what to be expected from his upcoming rock-opera album, then we are in for something epic. The debut LP, ‘Shattered Rhapsody‘, will be released on the same UK independent record label as the single, on Quickfix Recordings. Long Gone follows other singles from the album including the hit When Flowers Could Dance. As if the album were not enough to look forward to, Kellindo is planning to release intimate piano versions of his previous singles on piano and acoustic guitar to form one side of a limited edition vinyl collection.

The touring artist has performed at The Oscars and at The Grammys Awards. He has played for David Letterman and for the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. There is no doubt that a performer of his caliber is preparing a rock-opera to top all performances and we are anticipating fireworks!  The new single is coming soon so watch that space!