Jeff Healey – Best Of The Stony Plain Years

by | Jun 18, 2015

The Jeff Healey – Best Of The Stony Plain Years Album is out: Jeff Healey entertains nostalgia (and Tom & Jerry fans too according to my daughter) with a mix of Jazz, Swing and Blues and a music-loving voice still occasionally and surprisingly serving the rock chord, mixing charm and energy. From the enchanting Three Little words to the Sweet Georgia Brown, he serves us vintage in this Best Of The Stony Plain Years, honouring what Holger Petersen, Stony Plain president and one of his close friend, says was “his first love [the 20-30s music] allowing him to play guitar and trumpet in addition to having a career as one of the worlds (and Canada’s) most acclaimed and innovative electric blues and rock musicians (…) Jeff Healey (1966-2008) was a musicologist and serious record collector who eventually amassed 30,000 78s from the classic period of the twenties and thirties”. The CD and DVD are released 17th of July 2015.

Track Listing
1 Three Little Words 4:24
2 The Wildcat 2:35
3 Star Dust 4:52
4 Sheik of Araby 5:11
5 Guitar Duet Stomp 3:37
6 Sing You Sinners 5:05
7 I Would Do Anything for You 4:28
8 Pardon My Southern Accent 3:46
9 Some Of These Days 2:47
10 My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms 5:02
11 Hong Kong Blues 3:13
12 Sweet Georgia Brown 8:32

More information on Jeff Healey’s Best of the Stony Plain Years: Vintage Jazz, Swing and Blues and other CDs in the series at

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