Korean singer Youn Sun Nah breathes some fresh air into Jazz

by | Oct 11, 2014

She might be from Korea, but her voice reaches beyond her shores with a virtuosity rooted in her ability to seamlessly blend genres.  She plays with it on each wave of music, with a blend of accents that root in Korean Folk and Western opera and grows into a folk beyond her own shores, including French chanson and jazzing up all that folk in a fusion made in virtuoso listener’s heaven. The talent is undeniable: her chords stop time, her vibrato shakes to the core, her stamp erases the merely human frontiers that split us up, to journey beyond our many differences as one beating heart. This is a voice to hear beyond music categorisations…

Youn Sun Nah in ten songs

1. India Song – A classic French chanson song that is treated with delicacy to be savoured just as gently and passionately. The track, sung in perfect French, is taken from her Voyage album – 2. Lento – Another slow one from the title in English – 3. Jockey Full Of Bourbon – An exquisite interpretation of Tom Waits’ 1985 superb first single from his album Rain Dogs.4. Hurt – This classic has been many times reprised and no more popularly than by Johnny Cash, yet this take has its own touch of brilliance. Another brilliant track from her album Lento 5. Momento Magico – Youn Sun Nah shares with us some magic moments as she showcases her vocal prowess 6. Lament – The album Lento does pack a lot of favourites including this alternative epic-feeling tune 7. Calypso Blues – A simple upright-bass and voice driven tribute to the classic by Don George and Nat King Cole 8 – Breakfast in Baghdad – Another grandiose vocal performance that help secure this classic 9. Down by love– 10. My favourite things – You might not recognise this classic but for the lyrics but it is no less enjoyable.