Krista Detor shares the contents of her red velvet box

by | Oct 19, 2014

Artist Profile

Put some laid-back tones into Americana/Country, throw touches of Jazz and Fusion elements here and there. Please don’t shake and don’t stir. Let it just marinate. You will end up with the voice and melodies of Krista Detor, of the music that slows down the human race and help you exhale the toxicity of life that humans create for themselves without ever saying a word against humanity.

It takes quite some craft to bring together a feeling, a chord, a lyric in the manner that this lady does and then take them unexpectedly yet harmonically beyond where the ear can at first sense and the way an emotion can superficially resonate.  This is music that outlasts its time and place whilst at the same time borrowing every relevant elements of it. You will hear and lavish in it as if you always knew it, yet go about your chores with a renewed mind.

Krista Detor in ten songs

1. Bridges 2. Belle of the ball 3. Red Velvet Box 4. A year too long 5. Mudshow 6. Barely 7. Icarus 8. Rich man’s life 9. Oranges Fall Like Rain Suite 10. Blowing Kisses

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