Miralee – “Stranger to Myself”

by | Aug 1, 2018

Stranger to myself

As a child growing up in a musical family, Miranda Lee, now known by her stage name Miralee, was bound to become a talented artist. Her roots, spreading from Bluegrass to country to jazz to folk, inspired her as a teenager to train her vocals to perfection. Earlier this summer, she released her solo debut EP “Stranger To Myself“.

Through her voice lessons as a teenager, Miralee gained experience in opera, folk, and pop, later joining a choir to discover music from past legends. In college, she studied composition, performed with several trip-hop and acid jazz musical acts, and later came to experiment with electronic music production. Miralee draws inspiration from artists such as Bjork, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Lamb.

“A woman with soul and a gorgeous voice”, says Leanne Baugh. “A true talent!”

Miralee’s experience and training make “Stranger To Myself” sure to impress. The EP embodies her signature sound — vocal-based, slowed-down electronic music with an instrumental twist.

About Miralee

Miralee is a Canadian singer/songwriter specializing in down-tempo electronic music. With a bachelor’s degree in composition, Lee is a highly trained vocalist whose study of electronic music production has led her to create a vocal-focused, electronic/organic hybrid sound. She is praised highly for vocals that touch the listener’s soul. Produced by Darryl Swart, “Stranger To Myself” stays true to Lee’s unique style.

Order “Stranger to Myself” on Miralee’s website at https://miralee.ca/music