Paul Fogarty finds his own way home

by | Oct 6, 2014

With topical songs à la John Lennon meets Bob Marley, the softness of Paul Simon at the tip of his tongue and fingers, the Americana/Country meets Folk troubadour Paul Fogarty is one of the most understated yet deeply expressive musicians out there.

Once you have wallowed into the ever growing musical legacy of Australia-born Germany-based Fogarty, it becomes impossible to deny how much his music could be a soundtrack to the life of those who look for an answer under every rock and over every mountain they face. His tunes accompany their life’s journey not like some mere background music to drown the unaccommodating sounds of real life or to be told how to get there. His music is for those who, even with fear and pain, still believe in themselves and their ability to find their own way home. His expression betrays both a lover and a fighter who has found a balance between opposites to offer a platter of soft eye-openers, acknowledging the details of life, taking a clear side FOR life and accompanying you every day with some witty references winking back at a past we need to reconcile ourselves with.

In his expert musical hands and lips, creativity is a weapon of mass evolution and human freedom, and Paul Fogarty believes in humanity and in the Truth, the one that not only “will guide us from the words of those who lied” but “set your children free”, “give yourself a chance at peace, a sense of harmony”. You cannot help but be taken.

Paul Fogarty in ten songs
1. Home 2. Free Ride Babe 3. Iron lung 4. Hole In the Sky 5. Where is your baby now? 6. I’ve already said goodbye 7. Where is your baby now? 8. Planetary suicide 9. Frozen 10. Shine on

Our song selection from Paul Fogarty’s collection is Home after hesitating between that title and the track “Dead or Alive”