Paul Pedana reveals album title: A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity

by | Jul 29, 2019

Paul has exclusively told 1inMusic that the band are working on a brand new album called A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity. 

He made the announcement after Ex-Human was officially voted Hottest alternative rock record of 2017.

Paul Pedana said:

“I haven’t told anyone this. I’m recording an album called “A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity”.

“I’m almost at the mixing stage of it because I had been interrupted by a series events  and I decided to put aside the old preproduction to compose something totally new from zero.

He continued:

“I feel a bit nervous telling you because I didn’t get permission!

“But that’s what I’m doing. It’s my second album and lots of things changed since Ex-Human has been released. Not to say there might not be another thing one day but this is the completion of something.

“It was great to go from the last one right back into the studio and now we’re making things that sound different. The album is a sort of introspection in the meaning of the co-existence between humans and especially the love relationship between them. I can clearly say that it will also be a raised flag to women’s rights and the LGBT community.

“I think this one is the most special work I’ve ever done in my life and I really put all myself in it. I’m feeling like I’m fighting the hardest challenge of my life and working constantly on this album sometimes is very painful, cause it’s something that touches deeply my private life’s problems. Anyway, after that, I’ll release three new videos and we will go on tour.”

Very few artists nowadays carry with themselves the amount of combined talent, effort, emotional depth and creativity that Paul Pedana does, he has been recognized worldwide as one of the greatest  independent artists worldwide in the alternative rock scene.

His upcoming second Album A Sole Existence Reflects Eternity promises to be a musical and artistic jewel.  that must not be missed as it carries a profound, emotional and artistic aspect to the alternative rock scene, alongside gutarist Denis Efimenko, pianist Lef Germenlis and the bassist Eduardo Fajardo and Produced by Paul Pedana himself and Co-Produced by Andrew Paux.

We must mention that Paul has a very deep relationship with the music he does, you will not find a commercial and unreal setup behind his lyrics, on the contrary, Paul’s music focuses on his emotions and how he sees the world as an artist on every sentence, you will find a sense of personal values, how he sees himself and others around him and at the same time feel identified with the way he expresses his words as they are things most of us feel but have a hard time really putting it into simple words or a sentence, there is without a doubt a poetic value behind his writing, we must also mention that the production and musical quality behind his works really sets Paul above the standards, there is a dynamic range and well set production and post-production process behind each song.

Paul’s Lyrics in depth touch the profound emotional whirlpool that is daily life, coexistence, how we relate with each other in a superficial and intimate profound level, as for his vocal capacity we must take note on his trained vocal range and close to perfect control of such, his new album will be, without a doubt an in depth emotional journey worth to listen to over and over.

As for the melodic and rhythmic aspects, we have gathered a lot from listening to Ex-Human, Paul’s previous release. Paul’s music arrangements are well-delivered and well-composed structured songs. They are always easy to listen to, but definitely enjoyable and incredibly deep. They do not feel flat or repetitive and deliver a sense of structure, almost as soon as any of his songs start playing.

Why should you listen to Paul Pedana’s new Album? Well, if all the reasons mentioned above are not enough to awaken your curiosity, allow us to expand further. Paul possesses a unique artistic value. Few artists nowadays really dare to explore emotional freedom. They had go through a path of commercial and easy-to-produce formula music. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these and they can do whatever they feel comfortable and happy with. However, Paul chose the other side of that coin: he opted for a road that requires a personal challenge; this road is about knowing yourself on a profound emotional, psychological and spiritual level; and beyond that, this road is about translating that knowledge to the wide and varied world of music.

An artist who does this is an artist who will always deliver content that can be listened to several times. This is because it not only becomes a journey of enjoying a good tune but a journey of understanding it. It is a tune that calls for meditation on it and analysis. It needs the listener to be aware of each sentence and every second of the song. Such an immersive experience is what delivers flawlessly.

This is why we really believe in this creative’s extraordinary artistic ability. Surely, Paul Pedana will come to be a name in the world’s music scene that will not be forgotten.

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