I Write The Songs 50

by | Jan 11, 2015

This is the playlist for the I Write The Songs 50 radio show presented by Tiki Black and including great music. The show is aired three times a week via Canalside Community Radio. It features singer-songwriters Bruce Springsteen and Gabrielle Aplin.

I Write The Songs 50 – part 1

Tasmin Archer, Sleeping satellite, 1992 4.xx
Elvis Costello, Every day I write the book, 1983,
Tanita Tikaram, Twist in my sobriety, 1988, 4.50
David Bowie, Changes (live), 19xx, 3.33
Coco Mbassi, Blubridge, 2014, :53
Civil wars, Billie Jean, 2012

I Write The Songs 50 – part 2

Alanis Morrissette, You Learn, 1996, 3.57
Bruce Springsteen, Streets of Philadelphia, 1993, 3.14
Kelly ft Luke Jackson, Diamond girl
Bruce Springsteen, High hopes, 2014
REM, losing my religion, 1991

I Write The Songs 50 – part 3

Gabrielle Aplin, Home, 4.05, 2013
Doug Seegers, going down to the river, 2014
Gabrielle Aplin, The power of love, 2012, 4.02
James Keelaghan, Red River Rising, Canada, 2013, 4.2x
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Somewhere Over the Rainbow / what a wonderful world, Hawaii

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