Reseda – Steve Pledger

by | Jul 9, 2020

Reseda Steve PledgerBritish musician Steve Pledger has managed what many of us are still seeking: to channel our emotions, our passionate reactions,  our vision into a melody and lyrics that sit together as if under the influence of the windy afflatus. The main feeling with which the song leaves you is the urge to hug the songwriter thank you. The uncomplicated arrangement and instrumentation convey serenity that only craftsmanship grows. I haven’t wanted to share a song this much in ages and I think this has just lit my passion anew. Keep them coming beautiful human!

Taking inspiration from the courage and monumental work of health workers during the Corona virus pandemic, the music artist goes beyond the 8pm claps to lay a befitting song for the selfless healers. In line with the period in which it was created, the writing and recording happened at home, more precisely end of May. The beauty and peace of the song goes to show the silver linings in the worst situations and Reseda, in all its meaning, is that to covid.

But enough talk, listen to the song for yourself right here:

The single is available to download from Steve Pledger’s website (£1.50) or free to his Patreon subscribers.

The following text appears on his website regarding nicely summing up the feeling behind the song and its context:

“It is hard to imagine the strain that is being placed on individuals who are working at the sharp-end of healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic, but also on the relationships they are maintaining and upon which they are doubtless relying more than ever. The song seeks to reflect and respect that, and all those who anxiously wait at home along with those who give themselves over to the Herculean task of caring for those fighting for their lives… and it comes with boundless gratitude.”

Reseda, amongst other things, is a woman’s name of Latin origin meaning ‘Healer’ or ‘Healing’.


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