Review: Amel D releases Dear Blue (The Perfect Shadow)

by | May 13, 2020

Amel D continues her alternatively rocking musical ride with a new single from her second album, Cross To Hell (Vol. II – 2020). The single is entitled Dear Blue (The perfect shadow). This release is a definite rock track, complete with Amel D’s distinctive rasping singing voice, the electric guitar’s slidings and the complementing percussions. It is a song to headbang to, possibly and maybe even preferably at the wheel of a fast riding car, escaping from or maybe reuniting with the perfect shadow. The brief introductory acapella brings a sexiness to the offer. It sort of morphs into stronger vocals to match the backing instrumentation. It later becomes, for a short time, a bit of rapping somewhere around the end of its first quarter. These different takes throughout give the song movement and energy.

AMEL D wrote the piece and Boray Pastinya produced it. AMEL D, Boray Pastinya, Djoe (D’s Father), Matthew Adkins, Christ Leo, Aditya Zewen, Hannah Adrian, Dann Raymond, William Howen, Ryan Albern are all responsible for the arrangements and Matthew Adkins, C Eight and Steven Rein directed the work.

The single comes out with its own music video which has already reached tens of thousands of views in just a few days:

After surpassing over 5 million streams on Youtube, and with more than 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, AMEL D seems to be a running train of unstoppable success. Moved by the strength and power of her vocal scratch, she continues to churn out enthralling numbers that reap listening and viewing, with music videos that have gone viral.

‘Dear Blue (The Perfect Shadow)’ is already available on AMEL D website and soon on all the major digital retailers.

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