Review: Igor Laze releases full LP Departure

by | Mar 18, 2020

Igor Laze releases new 14-track album Departure

This album has such a lovely way of taking you in from the first track. It fuses a standout lead vocals in its deceptive simplicity with almost ethereal hushed harmonies. To that, a rich yet well-arranged instrumentation adds its layers that enchant rather than deter. The lyrics also contribute to the set atmosphere. The quality of his music comes from the distinctive blend that the artist offers in each track. It is not just another alternative rock album. There is this thing in the vocals that at times remind us of Australian pop sensation Savage Garden especially on track 4. However, the musician can never quite be  mistaken for another. He especially lets no genre boundaries stop him from enhancing his musical pieces. Also, there is nothing superficial in his message, the words are deep. Just hear the crackling at the beginning of track 9 taking you to that nostalgic vinyl sound. The listener is taken from realisation to denunciation to hope with a very particular craft in putting the whole thing together. The album could have done with more variation between track 1 and 2 (maybe a different track to follow track 1 like e.g. track 3) but that takes only very little take away from its assets. 1inmusic’s favourite song is probably track 3 which can easily be added on our trip soundtrack. Although… track 7 has so much of its own charm that makes it a nice accompaniment to a casual daily activity. Or maybe it is track 10… Well, best if you make up your own mind. Hear and get the album now from Bandcamp.

About Igor Laze

Canadian based musician Igor Laze is a unique guitarist/vocalist, performing and writing in every genre effortlessly. With influences deeply rooted in Rock, Blues, and Classical music, Igor manages to infuse a lot of Jazzy and progressive influenced motifs in his music. Igor has released 4 studio albums with his previous band Morre and toured the world extensively in over 15 countries promoting the band’s music. After the band disbanded, Igor has released his first solo album “Departure” and continues to pursue a solo career. Combining elements from all genres, and a fingerstyle acoustic guitar approach, Igor’s compositions always have something new to discover.

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