Review of DJ Radtipptoppp’s “OG Profiling (A Maga Hat to market Hate)”

by | Feb 6, 2020

Review of DJ Radtipptoppp’s “OG Profiling (A Maga Hat to market Hate)”

Music artist Coleman R. aka Dj.RAD (or Radtipptoppp) has an unconventional if not controversial way to approach life struggles, bullying and such negative behaviours. As the the first DJ to openly reveal his high-functioning autism, his unique take on the subjects transpires on his ecclectic musical creations. Inspired by everything musically artistic and sensitive to the contribution of all types of music, he experiments to create his own brand of sound. The different results vary to reflect the dark times he has experienced, from bullying at school to homelessness to misprofiling with the law due to his mental health issues. His music wants to denounce the danger behind certain events or acts. As the Make America Great Again campaign proliferates and MAGA (Make American Great Again) hat comes out, the music artist releases a single, OG Profilling, that points out literally that its outcome is “To Market Hate”. The sound is almost a brouhaha of emotions, caught between the confusion of the situation, a supposed hypocritical and passive agressive slogan and a feeling that the accusation is the last attempt to avoid the negative consequences of a wolf’s sentence in sheep’s clothes.

The style of music is Tipptoppp Techno that fuses, mixes and matches beats from all different styles of hip hip-hop, jazz and electronic music. This appropriate sound for making a stand allows him to express his passion for fighting social injustice. The music oscilltes between chaos and semblant of order. The sleeping mind cannot but awake.

We cannot pretend, beyond his revealed intention,that we can truly understand the sound that this DJ put together. But in the therapeutic solace of self-expression, we wish all creativity within to emancipate, shine on, and to find its niche.

About the artist

DJ Radtipptoppp’s latest work is called ‘Workin on Fighting Social Injustice Vol 3. He emerges into the music industry seeking a record contract. Outside of music he is also aiming to break into the NASCAR business with a racing series called The Underdog Series. He knows the struggles of living on the brink of homelessness and dealing with mental illness, and he wants to use his music to bring comfort and hope to others who are going through difficult times. ‘Workin on Fighting Social Injustice Vol. 3 Police Drive By’ is available everywhere now.

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