Ring All The Bells (O Bambino) with NY PodCat’s new release

by | Nov 28, 2023

Ring All the Bells (O Bambino): the new Christmas single by NY PodCat

Christmas is on the horizon and NY PodCat is all set to put us in the mood. Just in time for the holiday season, husband-and-wife music duo NY PodCat release their new single, “Ring All The Bells (O Bambino)”. The track is a heartwarming and festive reimagining of the classic Italian song, and it’s sure to get you into the holiday spirit. The two collect the emotions in the memories of their familial ties, their musician craftsmanship, the spirit of Christmas in this tune to bring you an old classic revisited. Experience the new holiday tune full of the caroling spirit of Christmas. The single is available across the streaming services from November 28, 2023.

Over 5000 listeners and viewers in less than a week (Update as of Dec 5th, 2023)

This enchanting track has already captured the hearts of listeners worldwide, with nearly 4,000 streams and counting on Spotify and hundreds of YouTube views. The song’s infectious melody and cheerful lyrics embody the true essence of Christmas, spreading joy and uniting people in a spirit of celebration. You too can now join the celebrations, support these independent artists and get into the festive mood by downloading “Ring All the Bells O Bambino” for just $1 on NY PodCat website at https://nypodcat.com/music

Every download makes a big difference for independent artists like NY PodCat, who often operate on tight budgets. By purchasing songs directly from their websites, you ensure that artists receive a fair share of the earnings.

As the holiday season approaches, NY PodCat wishes you a Merry Christmas and a joyous Happy Holiday season! May your homes be filled with love, laughter, and the sounds of beautiful music.

Thank you for supporting independent artists!

The song is on Spotify and YouTube

You can hear their wonderful sound right below with the Spotify and YouTube embed and if you like what you hear, consider downloading the single “Ring All the Bells O Bambino” for ONLY $1 on NY PodCat website at https://nypodcat.com/music to support these independent artists.

Here it right here with a short from their music video!

New versions

If you don’t recognise the 60s rendition by Nancy Sinatra, don’t worry, it is purposeful. Li Mann wanted to reinvent the song, and infuse elements that brought it to the more popular and modern word. She kept 4 Italian words and a melody in the chorus that quench our and her nostalgia but reinvented the song to make it the melodic and caroling message of love that it is.

Non content to offer a new and fresh English song inspired from the Italian oldie, the band collaborated with singer/songwriter Bianca Madrid on a Spanish version ofthe single. The Spanish version is entitled “Suenan Campanos (O Bambino)” and will be released December 1, 2023 to streaming services by NY PodCat with Bianca Madrid.

About NY PodCat

NY PodCat is a dynamic music duo hailing from New York City. Their music seamlessly blends all manners of Pop, influenced by the 80s and 90s era. Their music captivate listeners with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. With years of music making under their belt and a growing fanbase, NY PodCat is poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry. You can find out more about the pair, their inner joyous spirit and their humour in NY Podcat’s exclusive interview with 1 In Music.

The making of Ring All the Bells (O Bambino)

There is a Christmas spirit in the way the release itself was produced. The duo enlisted the help of other musicians, a lot of whom they e-met at a music retreat. This new way of recording remotely showcases that the spirit of Christmas knows no bounds and that spirits of love and togetherness are not a matter of physical closeness. The production team comprised of:

  • Li Mann – writer, producer, arranger, percussion, lead and background vocals, as well as video producer and director
  • Pete Sawchuk – co NY PodCat member, assistant producer, arranger, guitars, mandolin, banjo, assorted other instruments as necessary (digital tuba and accordion, for example), vocal arranging, background vocals
  • Doug Wayne Holmquist – mixing engineer, mastering engineer, background vocals
  • Bianca Madrid – Background vocals. Bianca Madrid is also the lead vocals and performs some of the background vocals on the Spanish version “Suenan Campanas (O Bambino)” to be released December 1st.
  • Cat Ardoin – background vocals
  • Harriet Reynolds – Background vocals

The get together and the recording remotely and bringing it all together

When asked how they all met, Li Mann remembers:

“All the female singers in the background vocals are singer/songwriters I met in a Sync Songwriter class we all signed up for that runs online. There were Zooms where we all met and listened to each other’s music, some in the class and some we did on our own. Sometimes you just “connect” well with people on a personal and musical level and can call them friends too. That’s how I feel about all 3 of the ladies that helped with the vocals on NY PodCat’s “Ring All the Bells (O Bambino): Bianca Madrid (Spain), Cat Ardoin (Tennesee, USA), Harriet Reynolds (Texas, USA). So when the day came that mixing/mastering engineer Doug Wayne Holmquist said “More voices” when I asked him how we could make the ending sound BIGGER, I know who to call. Would I have loved to be there with them while they recorded? Yes, but I trusted them to deliver because I’ve heard all their excellent music before and our schedules are all over the place and the world. So the tracks came to either me to edit down or to Doug directly to work with, and when they were all included in the mix the sound was “WOW AMAZING” because we all have different vocal textures so they all complemented each other very well. And Doug used to sing in the choir at church, so he added some vocals to the mix also.

We did a similar process for the Spanish version, with the added complication of matching Bianca’s pronunciation, but turns out we all managed that too. So for a production with lots of remote vocals, we think it came out well and has the “bunch of people caroling at Christmas” vibe that we were going for. Thank you “Bells choir” Pete, Bianca, Cat, Harriet, and Doug!