Saints Patience share their retro-electro anthem debut single ‘Break Of Dawn’

by | May 24, 2016

London rockers Saints Patience share their retro-electro anthem debut single ‘Break Of Dawn’ out July 8th

Our opinion (1 In Music Review)

Well it is a superb demonstration of classic yet alternative Rock that the duo serves us there and we enjoyed it from start to finish, even though the introductory guitar instrumentation is particularly the bomb, already sharing the anthemic feel that runs throughout with the music. The singer’s main vocals are so on point and completes the great feeling of empowerment the song gives. But don’t take our word for it. Listen/share ‘Break Of Dawn’ right here via this soundcloud embed below. A liberating feel for a song to play while driving this summer with your windows down and the fresh wind blowing your way. The full CD is coming in a few months only and we can’t wait!

About ‘Break Of Dawn’

Appropriately for a song of such positive intent – the championing of taking risks, living life to the full and immersing yourself in the present – ‘Break Of Dawn’ revolves around a supremely uplifting chorus that will inspire many a communal singalong. This addictive classic-rock anthem kicks off with a choppy guitar riff straight out of a Keith Richards masterclass, to which strident drums, rolling bass and potent synths are expertly attached. Singer Mudibu’s lung-busting, heart-lifting soul vocal implores us to “dance until the sun will rise” as ‘Break Of Dawn’ erupts into an arms-aloft, arena-sized behemoth given a contemporary electro-funk edge by swathes of overdriven synthesizer.

About Saints Patience

“We’ve created something epic, something exciting and captivating.”

Essentially the project of two London-based musicians, multi-instrumentalist Spencer and vocalist Mudibu, Saints Patience place melody and groove front and centre in a thrilling audio format that mixes the classic and the contemporary by following the lead of such timeless artists as Queen, Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin and The Wailers. Their songs are cohesive amalgamations of Spencer’s prolific guitar jams and improv sessions in his home studio, which Mudibu, formerly of Mantilla, Lostchild and The Jezebel Sextet, enhances via his rich and powerful voice. This intuitive pair – “You know it’s good when you just look at each other and smile” – have now collected the best of their writings into a vibrant full-length album (to be released later in 2016), recorded using minimal gear at Spencer’s studio and thus exuding a fresh and dynamic analogue vibe. All this as Saints Patience are recruiting additional band members to perform the artisanal instrumental parts in a live setting and take this charismatic show on the road. As Mudibu says of the process, “When everything comes together, I know it and feel it running through me.” Rest assured that everything is definitely coming together for Saints Patience, and it is coming together apace. Consider ‘Break Of Dawn’ your introduction.


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