Santino De La Tore (SDLT) Announces New Album, ‘Sliding Roads’

by | May 17, 2017

International composer and artist Santino De La Tore has officially released his brand new album, Sliding Roads.

Santino De La Tore, known to his fans and colleagues as SDLT, rose to fame in South America as the voice of Fragil – one of the region’s most popular progressive rock bands during the 90s. Today, SDLT resides in Los Angeles, where his private studio is located. He continues to make groundbreaking music that has been featured in television shows and Hollywood films including Homeland, Luke Cage, War of the Worlds, and Prison Break to cite a few.

SDLT is also an award-winning artist who has received the Billboard Songwriting Award. He has also been rated 5 stars by Latin and America media on a consistent basis. With musical influences ranging from Rock to Reggae, Rumba and more, SDLT weaves his voice and compositions to deliver unique music ranging from Alternative Rock to Jazz.

With the release of Sliding Roads, SDLT is giving his fans the treat of a brand new 11-track album that can now be found on all major platforms. The album was mixed by renowned composer German Villacorta, who has worked with Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne; Sliding Roads was mastered by Dave Collins, who also worked on Metallica’s most recent album.

The entire 11-track album can be found on YouTube with the accompanying lyric videos.

Thus far, the new album has been embraced by fans in the United States. On YouTube alone, the album’s first single, “Smile”, received more than 100,000 visits in less than a week.

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About Santino De La Tore

Santino De La Tore (SDLT) is an international artist whose private studio is located in Los Angeles. Hailing from Peru, SDLT has risen to fame in both South America and the United States. Today, he composes and produces solo albums, as well as music for startup apps, commercials, Hollywood films, television series, and more.



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