Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rock Me!

by | Dec 18, 2019

Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s artist profile

Her unique take on music and on her gospel roots paved the way to what we now know as Rock ‘n’ Roll. The industry is catching up to her indelible musical print with the induction of Sister Rosetta Tharpe into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Sister Rosetta Tharpe is credited as an early influencer of the genre. Her sound, guitar picking style betrayed her uniqueness. Her creative soul transpires in her performance, both Gospel and secular. She was bassically playing Rock ‘n’ Roll before it existed. An idol for idols such as Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones’  Keith Richards and Cream’s Eric Clapton she is dubbed the godmother of Rock and Roll and certainly one of the forebearers who paved the way for the genre.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe in 10 songs

Her stint with Lucky Millander’s Orchestra found her performing and recording both gospel and – to the dismay of church folks – secular songs such as ‘Four Or Five Times’. A few years later, .

  1. Rock Me: Her first single blends Gospel and Rock and Roll, showcasing her innovative style and her musical abilities
  2. This train: Her guitar style on this Gospel number is a popular rendition and demonstrate her musical and genre fusion abilities
  3. Strange Things Happening Every Day: This is Tharpe’s highest ranking US chart single in R&B at number 2 delivered with pianist Sammy Price
  4. My Man and I
  5. Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air: number 6 in the R&b charts
  6. That’s All
  7. Didn’t it rain
  8. Lonesome Road
  9. Precious Memories
  10. Silent Night: Her 1949 rendition of this classic Christmas Hymn also made it in the top 10

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