Stacey Jackson Releases The Hottest New Song Of The Summer

by | Jun 4, 2021

Every summer season is super hot for music, and one song seems to become the anthem of that summer. Stacey Jackson is turning up the heat and demanding that anthem spot this year by releasing a rebooted version of her hit song “Live It Up Feat. Snoop Dogg”! This electric dance song was originally released in 2013 and immediately became a feel good hit amongst every crowd. The energetic beats and positive lyrics paired with Snoop Dogg’s signature vibes, it was the perfect hit. Since the 10 year anniversary of the song is coming up,  the pair had the record remastered.

The rebooted version of the song was released on June 4th. The song is already in a hit movie called Reboot Camp, where Jackson appeared as a cameo and performed the track “Live It Up.” Along with the current remix from Jackson and Snoop, 4 other mixes will be coming out as well. The excitement for her projects this summer is palpable and gives fans, her family, and herself so much to look forward to, especially after the year we have had.

Along with the already uber popular film and song, Jackson has been booked and busy in 2021. She  has an acoustic album coming in 2021 and a dance music album called ‘Beach Party’ in the works as well; though, ‘Beach Party’ will not be coming out until the summer of 2022. Jackson is not new to song or screen and has been acting and singing her whole life. In recent years, she has held off on making music and being on set for the sake of her sportswear line StaeFit which has a cult following for its patented material and her fun workouts to some of her music.

Stacey has also been busy with philanthropic efforts. Recently she partnered with A.D.I.D.A.S to fund a charity event giving shoes back to a community in Los Angeles affected by COVID. It’s the little things that make the first step back to normalcy easier, whether it’s music and fun to get people excited for the seemingly near end of the pandemic, or participating in philanthropy events to get people back on their feet, we can count on Jackson to be a positive light.

Make sure to stream “Live It Up: Rebooted Feat. Snoop Dogg” to get you in the best summer mood everywhere music streams! To learn more about Jackson and her incredible careers as an executive producer at 3B1G Records, founder of StaeFit workout apparel, talented singer/songwriter, accomplished television publicist, fitness aficionado, dedicated mother, activist, and philanthropist, visit her Instagram @staerox.