I Write the songs #129 Hozier

I Write the songs #129 Hozier

I Write the songs #129 Hozier

I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Andrew Hozier-Byrne

I Write the songs #129 Hozier – part 1

  1. KD Lang, Wash me clean, 1992, Ingénue, 1994, Canada
  2. Hozier, Work Song, 3.47, 2015, Ireland
  3. Sandra Nkaké, La mauvaise réputation, Mansaadi, 5.38, 2008, Cameroon
  4. Ba Cissoko, Loumo, 2.49, Nimissa, 2012, Guinea, ba-cissoko.com
  5. Alicia Keys, A woman’s worth, 5.03, 2002, USA,debut album, Songs in A Minor released: 2001

I Write the songs #129 – part 2

  1. Hozier, From Eden, 3.40, 2014, Ireland
  2. Me For Queen, Leaves, 3.24, Fatea Showcase Session Summer 17 Burning www.meforqueen.com
  3. Steamchicken, Gypsy, 4.26 steamschicken.co.uk Fatea http://www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk, UK, Fatea 36 thawing
  4. Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby, 01 Calling All Angels, 38 changing
  5. Hozier, Someone new, 3.41, 2015

I Write the songs #129 – part 3

  • Suzanne Vega, Tom’s Diner (feat DNA), 3.47, 1990, US, Solitude Standing, 1987
  • Ben Harper, Ashes, 3.51, US
  • Jo Bywater, Chopping wood, 4.13, 2013
  • Marvin Gaye, I heard it through the grapevine, 3.10, 1969
  • Maya Yianni, You and I, 3.43, One In Two In Four, 2017
  • Hozier, Take me to church, 4.00, 2014, Ireland
I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox/Maya Yianni

I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox/Maya Yianni

UltravoxI Write The Songs #116 featuring Ultravox and Maya Yianni (aka elsewhere as Little Liar). First aired on Canalside Community Radio 102.8FM. Playlist is below and Mixcloud podcast of the recording.

What’s wrong, who’s right?
Sad machines won’t talk to me tonight
No questions looking for answers
No voices except inside my mind

Chris Cross, Billy Currie and Midge Ure.

part 1

  1. Whitney Houston, Saving all my love for you, 4:01, 1985, Whitney Houston, Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears, Spinning Wheel, 4:08, Definitive Collection, 1969
  3. Worry Dolls, Endless Road, 3:22, Go Get Gone, 2017
  4. Steve Pledger, Friends and Fathers, 4:16, Striking Matches in the Wind, 2015, UK
  5. Maya Yianni (aka Little Liar), Incomplete, 4.24 https://soundcloud.com/maya-yianni
  6. Ultravox, Vienna, 4.34, Vienna, 1980 (remastered and reissued in 2008).

part 2

  1. Disturbed, The Sound Of Silence, 4:09, Immortalized (Deluxe Version), 2015, Paul Simon, USA
  2. Jenny Morgan, Shadow, 2.59, The Songs I’ve Sung, USA
  3. Chris Flegg, Taking My Time, 3:54, The Road To The Rainbow’s End, 2015, UK
  4. Maya YianniMaya Yianni, You + I, One In Two In Four EP https://www.maya-yianni.com/
  5. Ultravox, Lament, 4.15, Lament (seventh studio album), new wave, 1984
  6.  Patricia Kaas, Un Homme et une Femme, 3:21, Piano Bar, 2002, Francis Lai/Pierre Barouh, France

part 3

  1. Zucchero & Paul Young, Senza Una Donna, 4:31, Italy / UK
  2. Corrie Shelley – Mother’s Kiss, From the Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2017, www.corrieshelley.com,
  3. Stromae, Quand c’est, Racine Carrée, Belgium
  4. Justyna Bacz Saturne 4:29 Brassens, Echos Du Monde, 2011, Georges Brassens, Poland/France
  5. Charm of Finches – Fossil In Stone, from Fatea Showcase Sessions, www.charmoffinchesband.com
  6. Ultravox, Contact, Chris Cross, Billy Currie, and Midge Ure.


An Interview with Jazz singer Anna Varga

An Interview with Jazz singer Anna Varga

The Anna Varga band performs as a sextet, quartet, trio or duo and we met with the front woman herself.

1inmusic: Hi Anna, thanks for joining us. Let’s start with your short description of your music. What would you call it?
AV: Bluesy jazzy swing for punks

1iinmusic: 🙂 Nice one. So when did it all start, what was your journey and what are you trying to achieve?
AV: Around age 10 I decided I wanted to perform and asked my parents for music lessons.

Actually, I’ve been lucky to study at fine institutions like The Royal Academy in London, The Juilliard School and The Bloom School of Jazz. Education is important. Regardless, you have to ultimately train yourself.

My goal is to give an independent voice for women who I think are silenced in society. As a bandleader I want to showcase some of the talent that gets overlooked by the industry but is actually more talented than the industry norm.

1inmusic: What kind of music do you listen to when you are not doing your own?
AV: I listen to all types of music genres. At the moment I’m listening to One of The Lonely Ones recorded by Roy Orbison in 1969 after his wife and two sons died while he was on tour. It was never released. It’s heartbreaking but brilliant.

I can spend hours listening to music no matter what mood I’m in.

1inmusic: Which artist to you is undervalued?
AV: Johnny Hartman is possibly the best vocalist of all time but is unknown.

1inmusic: What gets you writing songs and which is most important, Lyric or Music?
AV: Songwriting is something I do to cure insomnia.
[lyric or music?] Both. Is there anything worse than a great melody or beat with a corny lyric?

1inmusic: Talk to us about your performances…
AV: We play jazz in New York and are lucky if we get one rehearsal if at all.

1inmusic: Success is…
AV: … When people come back to see us again and they have a favorite song and they smile and clap. That’s a good feeling. That means we created a good memory. Isn’t that what life is all about?

AV: It’s great to get recognition of course. It’s a relief. For a few moments I don’t feel like a total failure. Laughs.

1inmusic: A little shoutout to those who have been supporting you in your music venture?
AV: My musician friends Mercedes Hall, Bob Leone, Lafayette Harris, Brian Vinson, Michael Arenella, Alex Levin and Dayle D Ann kept me motivated and inspired me to keep at it.

AV: Performing chose me. I’m actually shy but when I walk into a room everyone stares and I feel like I’m on display. So I entertain people as a way to deflect. I’ve tried to do many other jobs. I’m not a morning person but if someone books my band I have this “the show must go on” energy. Even if I’m exhausted or sick I still get through it. Never cancelled a show.
AV: I like to travel the world and take random photographs.
1inmusic: Success is…
AV: … being surrounded by the people I love and not having to stress.

1inmusic: Anna, thank you for joining us! Some final words, what you wish someone had told you when you started in the business?

AV: I wish someone had told me not to care about approval or money. Don’t try to please anyone but yourself and those things will come in time.


I Write The Songs 83 featuring Canen

I Write The Songs 83 featuring Canen

Feature artist of the week: Canen

Tiki’s I Write The Songs #83 by Tiki Black on Mixcloud


Canen sings her heart out for human rights and the music is featured on this playlist. Check out her website to listen to the EP, download and donate.
[symple_button url=”http://www.canensings.com/” color=”gold” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Canen’s Website[/symple_button]

part 1

Canen, Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers), 3:33, 2015,
Elvis Costello, Good Year for the roses, 3.05, 1981
Little Sparrow, Garden (Katie Ware), 3.45, 2015

Elbow, An imagined affair 4.41, 2005
Laura Mvula, Green Garden 3.31, 2013

part 2

The Editors,It ain’t me babe (Bob Dylan) 3.08, 2009
The Corrs, Lough Erin Shore (unplugged), 4.25
Canen, I’ve got a guy in Kalamazoo 2.38, 2015
(Gordon Mack & Harry Warren)
Tom Waits, A little trip to heaven 2.xx
Lauren Fine, Slip sliding away (Paul Simon)
Billy Ocean, Suddenly, 3.51, 1985

part 3

Dee Dee Bridgewater, Sister Sadie, 4.35, 2011
Joe Cocker, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood4.32, 1969
Canen, A matter of time (Anna Coogan with Canen) 4.40, 2015
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Till the Next Somewhere,
Nina Simone, Do I Move You? 2.43, 1987
Marvin Gaye, Inner City Blues 2.58, 1971
(make me wanna holler)

I Write The Songs #75 featuring Pitch Feather

I Write The Songs #75 featuring Pitch Feather

Songwriter of the week: Alberta and Chuan Leong aka Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather are the delightful vocals of Alberta Leong and the superb instrument skills of husband Chuan on songs written by these two inspired artists. The band hails from Singapore and serves a nice mix of folk, indie, rock and rock shortened to “indie blue rock”. 1inmusic also did a review of their album Mountains and Tides.

Alberta and Chuan have also released a couple of seasonal singles and we have no doubt that they will be gracing our waves with new melodies soon, or at least we do hope so. Since Mountains and Tides was recorded from November 2011 to July 2013, we are gently expecting something to come along around 2016-17 ;).

[symple_button url=”http://www.pitchfeather.com/” color=”orange” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Website[/symple_button] [symple_button url=”https://pitchfeather.bandcamp.com/” color=”rosy” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Bandcamp[/symple_button] [symple_button url=”https://www.facebook.com/pitchfeather” color=”teal” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]FaceBook[/symple_button] [symple_button url=”https://twitter.com/pitchfeather” color=”green” size=”default” border_radius=”3px” target=”blank” rel=”” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]Twitter[/symple_button]

Mountains and Tides LP by Pitch FeatherPart 1

Imogen Heap, Thriller (Rod Temperton), 4.27, 2009, England/US
Dark Green Tree, Yearn for love, 3.46, 2014-5, UK

Patty Griffin, Rowing song, 3.21, 2008
Eamon Friel, Arrow and Heart, 4.37, 2014
Simon & Garfunkel, The Boxer (live), 4.47, 1969 – event of the week
Pitch Feather, Painter’s Symphony, 3.29, 2013

Part 2

Shania Twain, You’re still the One, 3.34, 1998
(dedicated to Sandra and Pierre who are celebrating their 16th anniversary)
Keane, Somehwere only we know, 4.17, 2005
Little Sparrow, Garden, 3.45, 2015

Read a review of Little Sparrow’s new single right here

Ed Sheeran, Photograph, 4.15, 2014
Pitch Feather, Lavender Girl, 3.24, 2013, Singapore
Harry Belafonte and Miriam Makeba, My angel (Malaika), 3.14, South Africa/US

Part 3

Turn your lights down low, Bob Marley & The Wailers, 3.40, 1979
Omara Portuondo, La Sitiera, 3.57, 2000, Cuba
(dedicated to Annie, one of our wonderful listeners)

John Legend, Ordinary People, 4.38, 2006, US
Pitch Feather, Elderflower Fall, 3.22, 2013, Singapore

James Morrison, The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore, 4.14

Tiki’s I Write The Songs #75 by Tiki Black on Mixcloud