American Rapper Ayo Kia in Exclusive Interview

American Rapper Ayo Kia in Exclusive Interview

Na’Kia Evonne Ricks, known as Ayo Kia, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is known for her motivating lyrics, jabbing punchlines, irresistible hooks, unforgettable story-telling, and melodic delivery. Ayo Kia began to build popularity after releasing her first project in 2021. Her solo project, “Before I Go” was listed on JukeBox Time’s Magazine as a Top 10 Album, where Before I Go ranked as Number 8 and Number 1 in Trending. 1 In Music meets the artist. Ayo Kia Talks About Life, Relationships, and New Music in Exclusive Interview.

“My girl, it’s so nice to have you here! The Queen! Hey, so the world knows , tell them your name and the city you rep?”

Ayo Kia [AK]: What’s good baby! My name is Ayo Kia and I’m repping the Greater New Orleans Area, …. SJP more specifically.

“I feel you! I feel that! So, Tell us about your latest releases, The Your Eyes video just dropped, tell us about that. What inspired you?”

AK: I’ve been motivated to release songs so they weren’t suffocating in a file folder. I used to always ask myself: like if I died today or tomorrow, no one would have heard these and that wouldn’t be fair to me so, yeah! I said ‘Self! Let’s get it! Hit the button.The Your Eyes song comes from my latest album Before I Go which was an all-night winger project. And besides “Running”, Your Eyes was like a song that I just thought I had to expound upon. So, I thought to myself, let’s do this video, it’s going to be beautiful. It’s crazy because that song was recorded like 7 years ago. And I’m just releasing it and making the video today. It’s not new to me, it’s just new to y’all. And my real day one fans, know that. Back when we couldn’t release music so easily, I used to send this song via email and that was the only way you could get it. But today, I have the leverage to release on all social media platforms, so yeah. I just want to be heard before I pass away or something or have children.

“100% Percent! Speaking of children, you have kids? You dating ? Single?”

AK: I’m single. No kids I always say when I’m single, I’m like Jesus, I’m Christ like.

“That’s lit! That’s what’s up! So, tell me what is unique about you and your music?”

AK: It’s designed by me. I consider it ‘designed’. Like certain words, messages, and sound effects, are hand selected for each song. (laughs) And the way I sit and write a song, you would think I was doing heart surgery how delicate I am with the words and the pen. I even write the words on the paper with a lot of pride (laughs) like I’m doing calligraphy. You really have to see me do this. It’s fun! It’s incredible! (laughs)

“Yes! Must do things well! Loving that my girl! So, right now, what is shaping your music?”

AK: I want to say it’s my emotions, past relationships, past friendships, a motivation to succeed and become rich, a desire to be heard and understood.

“And, when did you realize you were going to make music professionally?”

AK: I never realized it (laughs). I had been doing music for so long you know. Like, I had been going to recording studio since I was like 14. I always viewed it as my unique superpower. I want to say that it didn’t truly hit me until I made it to my twenties. Then I was like, ‘Okay, I’m about to do this for real.’

“Okay! Okay! So for the fans – tell them, What type of music do you listen to?”

AK: Everybody knows I’m in love with Drake, Beyoncé, and DJ Khaled. Love Lil Baby, Kanye is like the bestie. I love everybody that’s really doing their thing right now to be honest, because it inspires me to go harder. I always say that. It depends on the time of the day though, like I listen to Classical, Alternative Music, EDM, Gospel, R&B and Trap Music. Classical music is so sexy to me. But so is Trap Music. But, honestly, I listen to mainly rap music. I don’t think I listen to much of anything else. Unless I purposely step away from rap to create a new vibe in my space.

“Okay! Big fan of those people myself! Let’s get it! What do you do when you don’t do music?”

AK: Look for more things to do and become passionate about like, design something new and create a new world honestly. I just try to zoom in on my goals honestly.

“Okay, Okay, So Tell Me: Happiness to you is…”

AK: Peace. Period. Like if there is no peace, I will not be happy, and I think I need to get exactly what I want to be happy.

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

AK: To…

Never give up.

I wasn’t told that when I was younger, like so many people were against me doing music telling me it wasn’t me, but I was good at writing songs, and rapping and singing, and it seemed like everyone had an issue acknowledging the talent and so focus on the character that it hindered me from embracing myself fully. Like people would laugh at me, try to embarrass me and stuff when I told them I was a rapper. They never viewed me as a “tough” girl, just a smart, classy woman. They never viewed me as a musical person, but this was like my biggest talent. I wish someone would have been like “forget them people and do this.” Eventually people did start to tell me that, but then it was just like – too late.

“Wow! I feel that. I’m glad you’re still pushing! That’s why we need to hear about these new things in the works! Tell us about your upcoming projects, Ayo Kia…”

AK: Right now, I’m cooking up something special for myself actually. This next project is a little personal. It’s always personal, but y’all can check it out.

“Is it an album, it’s a single? What is it?”

AK: It’s an album.

“So where would we find more about this and your music?”

AK: Everywhere. Like I tell every body: Google Me B————! (laughs) On the real though, I’m on all social media platforms under Ayo Kia.

“Man Ayo Kia, thanks for joining us today, you have some of the hottest music out right now! Glad you could have this talk with me. Y’all keep it locked! We out!”

First Wave of AIM Awards 2022 nominees announced

First Wave of AIM Awards 2022 nominees announced

The AIM announces the first wave of nominees for its much anticipated AIM Awards 2022 or AIM INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS 2022

The annual independent music awards returns on Wednesday 28th September. The AIM Awards showcase and celebrate the incredible array of music talent in the industry. This year’s ceremony will be returning to the iconic Roundhouse in Camden. A live show open to public shortly follows. For each award, below is the list of nominees.

The UK Independent Breakthrough award in association with YouTube Music will recompense successful 2021 musicians. Nominees, as suspected, are Children of Zeus (Rough Trade Records), Warmduscher (Bella Union), Knucks (No Days Off), Nova Twins (Marshall Records) and Wet Leg (Domino Recording Company).

The International Breakthrough in association with Deezer will be between Australian Rockers Amyl & the Sniffers (Rough Trade Records), American rapper Blxst (Red Bull Records), Jazz and Afrobeat ensemble Kokoroko (Brownswood Recordings), Tuareg musician and songwriter Mdou Moctar (Matador Records) and American-Japanese singer Mitski (Dead Oceans).

You Could Be (Anz ft. George Riley on Ninja Tune), ‘Starlight‘ (Dave on Neighbourhood Recordings), ‘Tears In The Club‘ (FKA twigs ft. the weeknd, on Young Recordings), Protein (Jeshi feat. Obongjayar, on Because Music), Nice & Good (Knucks, SL), Antagonist (Nova Twins), So U Kno (Overmono on XL Recordings), Chaise Longue (Wet Leg), Broken Homes (Wu-Lu on Warp Records) and Jackie (Yves Tumor on Warp Records) are all shortlisted for the Best Independent Track in association with Meta.

The Best Independent EP/Mixtape is the brand new category on the block. So far, the shortlist includes: FKA Twigs – ‘CAPRISONGS’ (Young Recordings), Joy Orbison – ‘still slipping vol.1’ (XL Recordings), Surya Sen – ‘At What Cost?’ (Skint Records), TAAHLIAH – ‘Angelica’ (untitled (recs)) and Wesley Joseph – ‘ULTRAMARINE’ (EEVILTWINN).

Best Independent Album in association with Spotify will see one of the following release win the award: Gbagada Express (Boj on Moves Recordings), Balance (Children Of Zeus), Mother (Cleo Sol on Forever Living Originals), We’re All Alone In This Together (Dave), Knopperz (Dave Okumu on Neighbourhood Recordings), Yellow (Emma-Jean Thackray on Movementt), When Smoke Rises (Mustafa on Young), Painless (Nilüfer Yanya on ATO Records), NINE (SAULT on Forever Living Originals) and Unlearning (Walt Disco on Lucky Number).

Sophomore releases ‘Ants From Up There’ (Black Country, New Road on Ninja Tune), ‘Painful Enlightenment’ (Jana Rush on Planet Mu Records), ‘Painless’ (Nilüfer Yanya), ‘Tread’ (Ross From Friends on Brainfeeder) and ‘Colourgrade‘ (Tirzah on Domino Recording Company) all battle for the Best [Difficult] Second Album award in association with BBC 6 Music.

The Best Independent Remix are: no caroline remix (ATO, FLOHIO on MCMXCV), Polite (Mura Masa Remix – Erike de Casier on 4AD), Lavender & Red Roses (Champion Remix – Ibeyi ft. Jorja Smith, on XL Recordings), Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Man on Fire Remix – MF DOOM on Lex Records), and BDE (Kaydy Cain Remix – Shygirl on Because Music).

One To Watch in association with BBC Introducing highlights rising stars Barry Can’t Swim (Technicolour / Ninja Tune), Jeshi (Because Music), Léa Sen (Partisan Records), Nia Archives (HIJINXX) and TAAHLIAH.

An interview with EDM/Pop newcomer Anastasia Silver

An interview with EDM/Pop newcomer Anastasia Silver

24-year old EDM/POP artist Anastasia Silver is originally from Oregon but now live in Los Angeles. The multi-talented artist has been dancing, singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember. However, she didn’t really start to make Arts & Entertainment a career goal until 2020 when she released her single Up in Smoke. Since then, her life has been a whirlwind of becoming an Actress, an Influencer, and a song writer. Excited to see what 2020 brings !

1 In Music: What is unique about you and your music?

Anastasia Silver [AS]: I think my songs are unique because I can write from my heart with past experiences I have lived through with my family, my friends, and myself.

1 In Music: What or who shaped your music and who supports you?

AS: I have a lot of support from my family and friends. However, since I was young, I enjoyed all types of music and appreciated the talents of individual artists from their genres of music. Everybody from Michael Jackson, to Julia Michaels, to Halsey, to Zedd. This has shaped me into the artist I am today.

1 In Music: When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

AS: Since the release of Up in Smoke in 2020.

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to?

AS: I listen to a vast variety of music but have a passion for EDM.

1 In Music: Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

AS: Martin Garrix.

Anastasia Silver1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

AS: My breathing exercises as well as hot tea with honey and peace and quiet.

1 In Music: What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

AS: I am blessed to be acting. I currently have a part in a series that is on Amazon Prime as well as a few paid partnerships (brands) which have labeled me as an Influencer. So between all of those I am kept very busy.

1 In Music: Success to you is…?

AS: Success to me is when a person can listen to my music and feel something. Whether they get moved by the words that they can relate to, or just smile because the beat is making them happy.

Success is touching people with and through my music.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?

AS: That not everyone is going to appreciate your music. The music industry is very difficult and is a struggle. You really have to have thick skin to be in this business.

Be true to yourself and dont ever give up no matter how hard.

1 In Music: Any upcoming projects?

AS: I am currently working on releasing another single which I hope to release April/May, and start performing in 2022 as well as continuing my acting career.

1 In Music: Where do we find you music: You can find me on Instagram at Stasiavuu, Facebook, You tube and on Spotify.

The Scaramanga Six release new album Worthless Music

The Scaramanga Six release new album Worthless Music

Northern art-rockers The Scaramanga Six release their new album Worthless Music on December 3rd. Returning to their self-owned Wrath Records imprint, it’s their tenth LP to date, and comes after a barrage of new singles: Horse With No Face, It Is The Face Wish How, An Error Occurred, and Big Ideas.

Handling every aspect of their brand in-house – from strange music videos, to press shoots, to the recording process itself – the Six are able to make an indelible mark on their music, and more so than most, thanks to the auteur’s self-reliance blessed unto founding member Paul Morricone.

“Back at the start of April we killed several birds with one stone whilst being together as a band for the first time in an eternity,” Morricone said. “We shot footage for four videos, did a quick photo session and finished the master of the album – all in a couple of days.” Morricone, a Yorkshireman who runs a production company and is a filmmaker by trade, certainly knows how to play up his music’s filmic angle – the band call it ‘cinematic punk’.

The Scaramanga Six release new album Worthless MusicTogether with brother Steven Morricone, and along with Julia Arnez and Gareth Champion, the Six’s newest output hears a much darker alt-rock sound than that of their past, emergent on the Huddersfield band scene. Coming up in the mid-90s English rock tradition trail blazed by the band Cardiacs (of whom the late founding member Tim Smith produced the last three of the Six’s albums), the last decade has seen them align with darker and headsier contemporaries, such as Ultrasound and The Magic Numbers, resulting in a much more challenging and structurally restless pronk sound.

Now, Worthless Music continues the climactic, infernal themes from their last album – 2015’s The Terrifying Dream – and is a tactical framing of art-rock chaos, congealing the everyday into a nightmare realm. Highlights include Ipso Facto – which somehow manages to, in its own words, “wax and wane” between furious bossa nova and hard rock – and Dog Form – which reconciles paranoid ideas of Stockholm syndrome and hybrid beasts with great beds of headbanging, punk delight. And, finally, let’s not forget It Is The Face Wish How, which combines half-time slow jam drum bangs, otherworldly vocal dronings, and colossal shreddage. Fans of Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Yves Tumor, and even the Pixies will be charmed by this modern monstrosity.

With visual influences straddling everything from David Lynch’s Eraserhead to 4AD’s Vaughan Oliver, the Six’s self-made videos are often grotesque and mad, and dripping with cultish confidence. Plans are afoot, in fact, for an ultimate hat-trick of music videos, which the band intends to release in the coming months. Aside from Horse With No Face, these include the aforementioned It Is The Face Wish How, in which the members’ faces are struck with a 360-degree death ray; An Error Occurred, a no-fluff punk performance from the nether reaches; and Big Ideas, a patchwork cacophony of art styles, and a self-described “different music video for every line”.

You can stream the album at and watch the related video at

Brace yourself for Worthless Music on 3rd December.