Surface Tension – New Release by legend Rupert Hine

Surface Tension – New Release by legend Rupert Hine

Cherry Records releases Surface Tension – The Recordings 1981-1983 by legendary producer, songwriter and musician Rupert Hine.

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Rupert Hine – Surface Tension is available for pre-order

As the 72nd birthday of late musician Rupert Hine approaches, Esoteric Recordings (part of Cherry Red Records) announces the release of a compilation of the artist’s recordings. The 3CD Box Set, entitled Surface Tension, features recordings from the songwriter and producer’s solo albums between 1981 and 1983. Surface Tension – The Recordings 1981-1983 celebrates the creativity and originality of Rupert’s solo work of the early 1980s. The box set is a newly remastered 3CD CLAMSHELL BOXED SET. It is set for released on October 28, 2022.

The boxed set includes 3 albums, each coming with bonus tracks. There are a total of 34 tracks including six bonus tracks. The 3 albums are ‘‘Immunity’, ‘Waving Not Drowning’ and ‘The Wildest Wish To Fly’. The boxed set comes with an illustrated booklet including interviews and an essay. The liner notes of the illustrated booklet that accompanies this release offer memories and observations of the recording sessions for these ground breaking recordings. This boxed set is a fine tribute to Rupert Hine, a greatly missed musical visionary. The Surface Tension – The Recordings 1981-1983, 3CD Box Set is available for pre-order the box right now for only 22.99 from the Cherry Records website.

Noted collaborations

Stephen W Tayler engineered all of the original recordings and co-produced them with Rupert Hine. The acclaimed engineer has now brilliantly remastered this compilation from the original master tapes.
Rupert Hine all composed the tracks. The musician wrote the albums with the late poet, graphic artist and lyricist Jeannette Obstoj (aka Jeannette-Thérèse Obstoj). Jeannette Obstoj is known among her many talents to have been the regular lyrics partner of Rupert Hine for all his solo compositions between 1981 abnd 1983.

The albums also features guest appearances. This includes legendary English singer-songwriter, record producer and Genesis drummer Phil Collins on drums. British rock sideman and guitarist Phil Palmer also appears. English singer-songwriter and record producer Robert Palmer and British singer Marianne Faithfull lends their vocals each on one song in one album. There is also James West-Oram, a member of London rock band The Fixx. Canadian drummer and songwriter Steve Negus from rock bands Saga and GNP also plays the drums on one of the albums.

Disc One: Immunity

The noted producer co-wrote acclaimed and strikingly original ‘Immunity’ (1981) with the late poet, graphic artist and lyricist Jeannette Obstoj. Guest performers on the album included Phil Collins and Marianne Faithfull appears on the song “Misplaced Love”. the album has influenced a host of celebrated musicians to this day.

  1. I Hang On To My Vertigo
  2. Misplaced Love
  3. Samsara
  4. Surface Tension
  5. I Think A Man Will Hang Soon
  6. Immunity
  7. Another Stranger
  8. Psycho Surrender
  9. Make A Wish

Bonus tracks

10. Scratching At Success
11. Introduction To The Menace

DISC TWO: Waving Not Drowning

The 1982 album ‘Waving Not Drowning’ was another fine work and was particularly popular in Scandinavia and once again featured Phil Collins.

  1. Eleven Faces
  2. The Curious Kind
  3. The Set Up
  4. Dark Windows
  5. The Sniper
  6. Innocents In Paradise
  7. House Arrest
  8. The Outsider
  9. One Man’s Poison

Bonus track

10. Kwok’s Quease

DISC THREE: The Wildest Wish To Fly

The Wildest Wish To Fly (1983) was a hit album in Sweden. It featured a small host of guest appearances. Phil Palmer and James West-Oram of The Fixx play the guitar. Robert Palmer is on vocals on the track “Living in Sin”.

  1. Living in Sin
  2. No Yellow Heart
  3. The Saturation of the Video Rat
  4. Firefly in the Night
  5. A Golden Age
  6. Picture Phone
  7. The Victim of Wanderlust
  8. The Most Dangerous of Men
  9. The Wildest Wish to Fly

Bonus tracks:

10. Blue Flame (Melt the Ice)
11. An Eagle’s Teaching
12. Picture Phone (remix)
13. No Yellow Heart (later version)

New Releases this week 29 July 2022 include Beyoncé with Renaissance

New Releases this week 29 July 2022 include Beyoncé with Renaissance

This week’s releases have a special artist with her new album Renaissance. Beyoncé drops her latest offer is a Club/Dance/Pop collection. Renaissance follows 2016 Lemonade. and has highlights for the dance floor like Break My Soul. The label is Columbia and the release date July the 29th 2022.

The motion picture soundtrack from the movie Elvis is also out. RCA Records, Elvis’ original label is behind the release. The Baz Luhrmann film features music by various artists including Elvis of course but also the likes of Doja Cat and Chris Isaak, to name a few.

Also out this week are Josh Rouse with Going Places, Whiskey Myers with Tornillo, Ateez with The World Ep. 1: Movement, Tedeschi Trucks Band with I am The Moon: III. The Fall and much more.

Americana and Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter Matt Nathanson releases Boston Accent on Acrobat record label. The artist offers a feel good sound with his friend Butch Walker as we come out of lockdown. He acknowledges his favourite inspirational icons: Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Indigo Girls, Joni, Carole King… In the same category, Amanda Shires drops Take It Like A Man on ATO.

Jazz is on the list with Best Next Thing on Positone label. Multi Grammy Award winner trombonist Michael Dease releases this stunning collection. He accompanies himself with stellar musicians to deliver a versatile offer. Showing off his soloist talent, he has in the past lent his talent to many musician including but by far not limited to Alicia Keys.

A little Hard Rock comes to us this week, courtesy of Loudness. Their LP Sunburst comes via label earMUSIC. We also get some Classic Rock as Dwight Twilley reissues Wild Dogs: Expanded Edition on Iconoclassic.


New releases are edited from the weekly list that you can get from

Meet James Ward & The Danger Gang

Meet James Ward & The Danger Gang

James Ward and The Danger Gang are currently musicians James Ward [JW] (on guitar and vocals) and Manny Danger [MD] (on drums). The band have been regularly performing since their formation in 2019. 1 In Music meet with its two main members.

1 In Music: Hi guys. How did James Ward & The Danger Gang start?

James Ward & The Danger Gang [JWDG]: We met at The Little Joy, a bar in Echo Park, Los Angeles, in 2019 at the behest of a mutual friend. After a few Tequilas and one continuous conversation about our adoration of the band The Faces, of the early ’70s British Rock fame; we decided to form a band. Our music is grounded in Blues and Rock, but seeds of Soul, Country, and Bluegrass are sewn throughout our sound.

1 In Music: What is unique about you and your music?

JWDG: We’re not quite Country, we’re not quite Blues, and we’re not quite Rock ‘n Roll, but we do come with a piece of cantaloupe on the side. We combine the best elements of Southern California and Tennessee because that’s where we’re from and that’s what we know.

1 In Music: What or who shaped your music and who supports you?

JW: As far as who, it’s cheesy but my earliest memories of Rock ‘n Roll were on the radio in the car with my Mom. She has always supported me as a musician. But my family overall has been a huge support for me: Dad, Brother, and Mom.

MD: I’m a first-generation American and initially at my house we played Oldies and Hip-Hop. But in elementary school, the Skaters introduced me to The Black Crowes and I fell in love with Rock ‘n Roll. So thanks to the Skaters at EJ Marshall Elementary Chino.

1 In Music: When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

JWDG: When they paid us for it and hopefully we get paid again next time.

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to?

JWDG: Everything…and We Mean Everything! Right now Manny is in a Dua Lipa Interstellar Portal and JW is stuck on Roots Reggae from the ’70s, no kidding.

1 In Music: Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?


So many artists never made it “commercially” and qualify as undervalued but inspired other artists: be it in their local city or in their specific genre.

For instance, a lot of us know The Stooges and their influence on Punk, but not everyone knows the band Death, who is also from Detroit and of the same time but is not of as much notoriety and yet they are a huge influence on that entire movement and genre.

1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

JWDG: You know the montage in Rocky IV in the snow? It’s basically that every time.

We don’t want to fall on our faces so we both have our show day routines to prepare mentally and physically; but you also don’t want to overthink the whole thing. A little relaxation or meditation somewhere in the day but as far as pre-show, we treat it like work and we go to work! Said Johnny Cash….once, I think.

1 In Music: What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?: Manny is a print artist and James is an actor so we both pursue other art forms both as hobby and profession.

1 In Music: Success to you is…?


In music, success to us is getting to wake up every morning and do this for a living.

Doesn’t have to be much, but if it puts food on the table…that’ll do.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?

Don’t ever stop.

Keep practicing and don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Keep exploring different types of music too, never stop getting outside your comfort zone as far as exploring music is concerned.

1 In Music: Any upcoming projects?

JWDG: Yes! We’ve got shows lined up for the late summer in Los Angeles (follow our IG) and we’ve got new material to record and release before the fall.

1 In Music: Where do we find you music?

JWDG: We are on Spotify under James Ward (soon to be James Ward & The Danger Gang) for all our releases.

Check out our music videos on Youtube: James Ward & The Danger Gang – Breakfast in Bed, Hell No, and Sugar Baby, three separate singles/videos respectively.

Follow us on Instagram @jameswardandthedangergang to come see us LIVE!

An interview with veteran drummer turned singer-songwriter Chris Poulson

An interview with veteran drummer turned singer-songwriter Chris Poulson

Chris Poulson is a talented singer and songwriter from Burbank, California. A seasoned musician, he has been in the music industry since the mid 1990s. His career progressed quickly to being signed with Fearless Records rock band, Rock Kills Kid as drummer in 2001. Chris found himself touring and sharing the stage with headlining acts. Now focusing on singing and song writing, Chris recently released “Fall Into Pieces,” his debut Solo EP.

A unique musical portrait

1 In Music: What would you say is unique about you and your music?

Chris Poulson [CP]: I would have to say my voice is definitely one that does not blend in with the typical voices you may hear on radio or television. The music I write typically stems from my past experiences, even back to my childhood years. It consists of writing music, melodies, and lyrics that connect and resonate with people from all different ages and backgrounds.

1 In Music: What or who shaped your music and who supports you?

CP: The first band that really caught me in my feels was Nirvana. It was undeniable how much I loved listening to that band. From Kurt’s raspy singing and the genius behind his lyrics, to Dave Grohl’s hard hitting, straight-forward, and in-the-pocket style of drumming. Nirvana had me hooked! I would then learn as many Nirvana songs on drums and guitar as I possibly could. So, it’s safe to say that the Grunge era definitely shaped me as a musical artist. I then got into Punk Rock and Pop Punk which taught me different elements in music, speed, dynamics, vocal melodies and harmonies… you name it.

I’d say my biggest supporter throughout my musical journey has been my Mother. She is actually the reason why I became a lead singer to begin with. When I was a drummer I would sing backup vocals and sometimes would even sing lead for a song or two while playing the drums… and, I loved it. It wasn’t until years and years into my drumming career that I found out my Mom had developed Thyroid Cancer. My Mom was a singer in her own right, since a very young age and up until she got cancer, then that all got stripped away from her. That devastated her, and devastated me also.

So, I said to myself; “Chris, you have to carry on this voice you were given, not just for you, but for Mom.”

And, from that point on, I became a full-time singer-songwriter and haven’t looked back since.

1 In Music: Wow! So, let’s go back a little. When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

CP: After High School, I went to a community college where I wanted to study psychology and music theory. I remember sitting in my psych class when I got a voicemail message on my cell from my buddy telling me to call him ASAP. So, I stepped out of the class for a minute to call him up. He explained there was this band that just signed a deal with Fearless Records and they lost their drummer in the middle of their deal. They were in need of a drummer that could learn their songs and finish recording their debut EP set to release on Fearless Records the following year. My friend thought I would be a perfect fit for this.

I knew exactly who Fearless was, and that alone had me so excited, I could barely contain myself. My friend gave me the number of the band’s bass player and told me to call him ASAP. So, I ended up going back inside the classroom, gathered up my belongings and took off back home so that I could get in touch with this band my friend was telling me about. Once I got home I called their bassist who gave me three songs to learn over the span of a week or so. We set-up an audition date, and I was pumped for this. I listened to those three songs day in and day out, drilling them into my head. I even slept with those songs playing over and over in my headphones.

It came down to audition day. I don’t remember being nervous, but I do remember saying to myself, “I want this, I NEED this!” I played those three songs with them like I had been playing with them for years. I even shocked myself. But, I had to prove to myself that I could do it. At the end of the audition, I remember the guitarist/lead singer and bassist stepped out to talk. They came back in minutes later and offered me the gig. That’s when I knew it was time for the big-leagues, and music would become my profession.

More on Chris Poulson – Music habit

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to?

CP: When I was a child, my parents (especially my Mom) loved Country music. So, I was around and listened to Country for many many years up until I reached middle school. Once I hit high school I started listening to Grunge. Then, it went on to Punk Rock and Pop Punk for many years thereafter. When I got a little older, Rock music took precedence over anything else. Now, I listen to a combination of anything. Rock, Alternative and even Pop music are my main go-tos these days. However, I still throw on some Grunge and Pop Punk to take me back to when I first started. I just love music in general, to any style, language, rhythm, beat, you name it.

1 In Music: Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

CP: In my personal opinion, it would be the band/artist Silverchair. Daniel Johns is a fantastic singer-songwriter, and Silverchair, as a band, is just crazy good. I’ve had the rare pleasure of seeing them live twice when they came to Los Angeles to play, and I was absolutely blown away. To this day, Silverchair is a huge influence on my song writing,

1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

CP: First, I do not speak very much for an entire week, keeping my speaking to a minimum. Also, I try not to put myself in places where I need to speak over loud noises, people, etc.
I consume a lot of water and teas. I do not drink any alcohol before a performance, and I try to get plenty of rest.

Life Philosophy

1 In Music: What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

CP: I am an avid long-distance runner. I have been running for over 20 years and I love it. And, I love fixing things around the house, e.g., repainting and repairing things that are broken, etc.

1 In Music: Wow! So, Success to you is…

CP: Being Happy and Enjoying what you do. Sometimes the freedom to do what you want and play what you want isn’t always an option. But,

as long as you’re able to express yourself and be the Real YOU, then happiness is bound to carry through your musical journey.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out

CP: I, at times wished I was told that this world isn’t exactly all sunshine and rainbows. It can be pretty tricky and have some surprises that can come out of nowhere, However,

you just have to be aware, expect the unexpected and do your job and do it well to the best of your ability.

And, no-one can deprive you from that.

About “Fall into pieces” and beyond

1 In Music: You are promoting your debut single, Fall into Pieces. Talk to us about how that came about and how it was fashioned.

CP: Right after I put the sticks down and decided that singing and song writing was going to be my main focus. My song, “Fall into Pieces” came to life then and there, following my previous band’s disbandment.

I ended up writing another song to follow called, “Break Free”. I then co-wrote “Joyride” and added that song to the mix. I hit the recording studio shortly after to start my journey as a solo artist.

Putting the sticks down was an important move for me to not only show the world what I have to offer as a singer-songwriter and front man, but to follow what it is I knew I was put on this earth to do.

1 In Music: “Fall into Pieces” is also the title track of your debut EP. Tell us more about that collection of songs.

CP: In May of 2021, I released my debut solo 3-song EP, “Fall into Pieces”. I hoped to evoke a rollercoaster of emotions to listeners. It is almost like getting lost in your own thoughts. For me, it’s like driving through a dark wooded forest and all you see is the road ahead. Oblivious to everything surrounding you.

“Fall into Pieces” represents the EP where the listener can connect from life experience. We have all felt hurt, pain, and sorrow. Yet, life goes on. The title track wraps up the 3-track EP in a way that sparks a little fire inside of you. I worked with producer and engineer, David Julson-Rieley, who also contributed to some of the arrangements, musical components and lyrics to each track.

‘Fall into Pieces’ EP emerged after a long break from the music world. I toyed with the idea for several years of getting back out into the live scene again and doing what it is I love to do.
I suppose releasing the EP gave me the motivation I needed to make that happen. Thanks to it, 2022 is looking bright, and you can definitely expect to see more of me in the coming months, along with a new single coming the Summer of 2022, music videos, press, and much much more.

1 In Music: We were just about to ask you about any upcoming projects?

CP: I am recording a brand new single June of 2022. This song has been under my belt for quite a while, and now it’s time for the world to hear it. I’m also gearing up for music videos to follow, as well as live shows later this Summer.

1 In Music: Thank you for taking this interview with us. Where can we find your music?

CP: You can find my music on basically any online streaming platform. You name it, it’s on there: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, Deezer, etc.


An interview with cross-culture mashup master Daydreamix

An interview with cross-culture mashup master Daydreamix

Daydreamix is a Moroccan Independent Music producer. The artist has showcased a great mastery in the science of doing mashups. He started back in 2015 by doing Covers (Vocals and Instrumentals) and Instrumentals only, and sharing them on YouTube. Today, he specializes in doing mashups between songs from completely heterogeneous cultures, languages and genres. Moroccan songs are the pillars of each of his mashups.

1 In Music: What is unique about you and your music?

Daydreamix [D]: When it comes to what is unique about me, I would say that I have an unconventional way of thinking, a growth mindset and according to what people say about me, I’m rigorous with a cartesian thinking and I have a good sense of humour.

When it comes to what is unique about my music (mashups for the moment), I would say that it is the fact that my mashups are seamless to the point that if you don’t know that the song you listening to is a mashup, you can think that this is a “normal” song really featuring the artists right there on the mashup! In addition, contrarily to mashups done by other artists, I don’t do it the easy way (i.e. Mashup’s verse = song 1 verse/Mashup’s chorus = song 2 chorus, for example), instead, I mix the verses of different songs, the choruses of different songs, so you can feel the mashup vibes at any time of the mashup.

1 In Music: What or who shaped your music and who supports you?

D: I’m known to be a big fan of Coldplay, so this incredible Pop/Alternative Rock band had definitely shaped many aspects of my music taste and choices.

I have a big support from my family and close friends, I’m grateful for it.

1 In Music: When did you realise you were going to make music professionally?

D: You never know when it comes exactly. I mean it doesn’t come generally at a specific time of a specific day. It’s a relatively long unconscious process which leads you there. For me, I think it started the first time I decided to learn how to play piano (I’m still an amateur), and it was formally decided early 2019 when my artist name “Daydreamix” was born.

1 In Music: What type of music do you listen to especially with you doing so many mashups?

D: I know it’s cliché to say this, but I would listen to any kind of music as long as it’s good music to my ears. So what makes a piece of music good in my opinion? Melody (of the vocals) and the instrumental. If at least one of these 2 is not perfect, then I can’t listen to it. You may notice that I didn’t mention the lyrics (although they are an ingredient of good music too), because I think they come last, musically speaking. In terms of countries, I listen to Moroccan, French, American, South American, German and sometimes Indian songs.

1 In Music: Who, to you, is the most undervalued music artist?

D: In Morocco, [an undervalued artist] would be a singer called Issam Harris. He has an unconventional style of music, almost mixing different genres in one new genre.

1 In Music: How do you prepare for your performances?

D: I’ve done few performances so far, but I’m planning to do some live mini shows in the near future. I’m still preparing for it. I will tell you more about it when all the logistics and technical questions are handled, maybe in a future interview.

1 In Music: What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

D: I usually hang out with friends, exercice (in the gym or at home), read/listen to an audio book or watch some videos on YouTube on specific topics. I’m passionate about Personal Development, Philosophy, Video shooting and Video editing.

1 In Music: Success to you is…?

D: The definition of Success is personal to each individual (i.e. a Success for me, can be perceived as a failure to others, and vice-versa). That being said, for me, the measure of Success is relative to how much you stick to your Purpose in life, on a daily basis. So success for me is when I’m at each moment living my purpose and serving it, and moving towards it.

1 In Music: What do you wish you were told when you started out and that you think would help anyone who starts out?

D: – Read, read and read books on Personal Development and specific books related to Business

Surround yourself with friends who will uplift you and give you positive energy

Seek help/information from specialists when needed, instead of wasting time looking for it on your own

1 In Music: Any upcoming projects?

D: Of course! I will be releasing more and more new mashups. Also, I’m planning to do some videos outside, for YouTube, where I make strangers listen to my mashups and get their reactions.

1 In Music: Where do we find all those music projects?

D: For the moment, on my YouTube channel: In the future, I will release my songs on streaming platforms.