The Black Gasolines release Peculiar, the first single of their upcoming album

by | Dec 16, 2022

The Black Gasolines, the Theatrical Art-Rock band, treats the world on the first single of their upcoming album, entitled ‘Peculiar’! – Available now!

Straight from Belgium but ready to take over the world, the next generation of theatrical art rockers The Black Gasolines are working on their new album and are treating us to its first single, “Peculiar”. After the release of their debut album, “It Took A Lifetime” in late 2021, critics praised the band for its modern take on art rock and the wide range of arrangements. But this year, the band has been refining its sound ever since and proves it with their newest single.

The Black Gasolines

Inspiration – On the shoulders of giants

Besides playing over 30 concerts this year in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Germany, the band wanted to focus on their new album.

We are delighted how the first album turned out, but we want to improve and challenge ourselves to be better and bolder,”

says the band. To do that, the band tries to learn as much as possible from their masters from previous generations.

Artists such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Meatloaf, and Queen are a real inspiration for us because of their unbounded approach to arrangements and flamboyant performances. We try to learn as much as possible from them and integrate it with our touch into our music and shows,

adds Bradley Remorie, bassist and singer of the band.

An in-house record

With a lot of inspiration, the band retrieved themselves in their home recording studio and started writing their follow-up record. While mixed by Sergey Steenackers and mastered by Laurens Grossen, the band likes to record everything in-house.

We invested everything we got in recording equipment so we wouldn’t have to rent a recording studio whenever we had an idea. It gives us the ability to experiment without worrying about budgets and time constraints,

says Lukas Debeerst, guitarist and recording engineer. And after many writing and recording sessions, the first single of a second album is here.

The Black Gasolines release Peculiar

Peculiar, The first single of the upcoming album by The Black Gasolines is here !

Peculiar starts with a mysterious countdown and dissolves in a build-up of dissonant instruments, making the listener cluster to their headphones from the first second while wondering what will happen. Once entering the verse, the song dissolves into a rhythmic song you can’t stop tapping your foot to. The band takes you on a journey from inspiring lyrics to melancholic melodies. They make you feel like you are floating through reality while giving you an irresistible urge to dance. With many choir layers, you get the impression that you are not alone in the story.

The Black Gasolines are not afraid to explore other boundaries and give you a touch of soul and blues while still exploring progressive art rock. We’ll have to wait until next year to hear the album, but their new release, “Peculiar” gives us a taste of what is coming.