The Exact Opposite release debut LP “Skill Issue”

by | Apr 19, 2024

Skill Issue drops 3rd May 2024

Introducing the highly anticipated debut album “Skill Issue” by the alternative indie sensation, The Exact Opposite, hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Oxfordshire, UK. This electrifying work officially hits the airwaves on May 3rd across all major platforms.

The Band: The Exact Opposite

Band chemistry is often described as an enigmatic force, difficult to define yet impossible to ignore. The Exact Opposite, a dynamic new duo, undeniably possess this elusive quality in abundance. From the very first note of their debut album, “Skill Issue,” it’s evident that they share a profound musical connection that only deepens with each subsequent listen. This isn’t just an album; it’s a captivating journey through soundscapes brimming with raw energy and palpable chemistry, beckoning listeners to embark on a sonic adventure from start to finish.

The album

Kicking off with the electrifying track “Look At Him Go!”, the 12-track album bursts to life with angular riffs and an infectious sense of urgency, setting the tone for an exhilarating musical odyssey. Each track, meticulously crafted by Jamie Stuart (guitars/vocals) and Nigel Powell (drums/everything else), resonates with a defiant spirit and unwavering determination, reflecting their rich musical evolution over two decades.


Having honed their chemistry during their tenure with Oxford’s Dive Dive, and later as integral members of Frank Turner’s renowned backing band, The Sleeping Souls, Stuart and Powell bring a wealth of experience and passion to their latest endeavor. Recorded in Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead’s esteemed home studio in Oxford, “Skill Issue” is a testament to their artistic prowess, expertly produced, engineered, and mixed entirely by Powell, with Stuart adding his signature flair.

With nods to their musical heritage intertwined with bold explorations into new sonic territories, “Skill Issue” emerges as a triumphant declaration of artistic vision and creative synergy. Mischa Pearlman aptly describes it as “a magnificent and brilliant piece of art,” and indeed, it’s an album that demands to be experienced in its entirety – an exhilarating sonic voyage that leaves a lasting impression on all who dare to embark upon it.

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  • May 10th at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford
  • May 11th at Aces & Eights in London
  • May 13th at The Exchange in Bristol
  • May 31st at The Pump in Trowbridge