The Peculiar Genius of Paul Pedana

by | Apr 2, 2019

Every track Paul Pedana produces resolves itself into a story. The story begins with the songs, the raw material through which he channels emotion, autobiographical experience and philosophical journeys. The songs cohere into a universe. Authentic – is the most accurate word to describe Pedana. In every sound you hear the beat of real life. Once, being so close to death, he teaches us to value love, search for your true self and live in a moment.

This fast-paced world turns our lives into pointless running with no stops. Most people listen to music as a background when they are out and about. Our daily routines distract us from the most important things. When you listen to Paul’s music, you look in the vast depth of the mind, you come back to your inner self, you start to feel real.

The Italian-born Rock artist, Paul Pedana, has escaped his nest and broke through overseas. He made a name for himself in 2017, releasing the amazing “Ex-Human”. The music collection has been panned as one of the best alternative Rock albums of that year. However, this musician’s work doesn’t stop here. He is 360-degree artist as he writes, directs and produces his own music videos as well.

After getting three nominations in the last three years, Paul’s video “Come In” won the California Film Awards for Best Short Film. Paul describes his work as a reminder “to be alive even without dead presidents in our hands and not to be swallowed up by the things we possess”. In the video, where famous Scottish actor Ken Scott is starring, Paul is trying to send a deep message to people. It is a harsh criticism of the modern society, where loneliness and self-destruction are fostered by the capitalistic regime. His music is meant to send a message to people, aiming to open their minds so obscured by money that they can see nothing. His songs have such deep morals, a truly rare feature in modern music.

A highly sentimental artist, Paul Pedana writes passionate music driven by emotions. His songs and lyrics touch the soul. He is not afraid to say what he actually feels. The truth is that he puts love in every chord and word of his music. He is a unique Alternative Rock artist, who knows how powerful love is. He’s a philanthropic songwriter, so he is ready to fight for human rights. At the same time, he loves the nature and encourages us to take care of it. This attitude of having a strong empathy to those, who need support and help, makes Paul Pedana a man to aspire. All the kindness, wisdom, and strength can be heard in his insightful music and videos. Expressionist of Existence, as he identifies himself, he creates an intangible value that will never fade away.