Crown of Thorns: the latest single from UK Electronic band The Subtheory

by | Oct 5, 2023

Oxfordshire, UK Electronic band The Subtheory releases their latest track Crown of Thorns by UK electronic act The Subtheory. This is what we think of this single release, at the eve of their anticipated debut album, expected early 2024.

Crown of thorns: 1 In Music review

Crown of Thorns by The Subtheory is a smoky, plaintive track that journeys from recitative to a squalling crescendo of noise, mirroring the narrator’s plight.

The song begins with drum-like sounds that evoke a mixed and muffled electronic and organic sound (like you would hear from afar, in the broken down chaos of a kitchen), followed by a haunting melody. The narrator’s voice soon joins in, low and measured, as they recount a tale of overstepped boundaries, kept secrets, and emotions boiling over in frustration.

As the song progresses, the music builds in intensity. The drums’ rhythm is nowsustained, the sound at times more distorted, and the narrator’s voice more raw. The track reaches a climax with a cathartic outburst, reflecting the narrator’s release of pent-up emotion.

Some more thoughts on the piece

Crown of Thorns is a understatedly powerful and evocative track that explores the themes of betrayal, anger, and forgiveness. It is a continuation of the band’s evolving sound, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. The track’s title is a reference to the Crown of Thorns, a religious symbol that represents suffering and sacrifice. This is a fitting title for a song that is about the pain of betrayal and the struggle to heal. The song’s use of recitative is particularly effective. It gives the song a sense of urgency and immediacy, and it helps to draw the listener into the narrator’s story. In effect, it mellows between lazy slowliness and this sense of urgency. The track’s crescendo is built perfectly. The tension builds slowly and steadily, until it finally explodes in a cathartic release. The song’s lyrics are unassuming and a definite call to listen. Their simplicity balances the complex emotions that come with betrayal and pain in a way that is both honest and relatable.

Listen to the track

Overall, Crown of Thorns is a moving track that is sure to be a highlight of their upcoming debut album, expected for release early. Hear it first on 1InMusic.

The Subtheory band shot - Crown of Thorns makers and performers

Where to find the Subtheory and their music


The Subtheory is a synth-based dark trip hop project founded by composer, writer, DJ and producer, Andy Hill.  It’s expanded over the last two years to include Cate Debu on vocals, George Lambourne on Bass and Pat Scott on Lead Guitar. The band is based in Oxford but is available to travel for gigs

Crown of Thorns is a single from their upcoming debut album, expected to be released early 2024. The track is available via all the usual digital outlets as well as via Retro Reverb Records. The sound is a clear continuation of their evolving sound as the band work on their debut album.
You can find the band and their music on their Youtube Channel at and on their website: