The WSS Team

RoseRose listens to everything she loves and refuses to get the boundaries formally established between genres. Somehow economical with her words, she just does not understand the needs to create a feeling within an audience that can very well understand on their own what a piece of music, already set apart and presented to them, means… to them. She says: “I already chose the music, let them experience their own thing… I guess I am the audience’s voice at WSS”.

TikiSinger-songwriter and radio presenter/producer, Tiki is always wanting to explain the emotional turmoil that a piece sparks in her, expressed almost gratefully like an homage to each and every singer-songwriter. Sometimes we think the dictionary does not hold enough words to break down the specificities of her mind. She is also the founder of WSS. “I just wanted to say thank you for the music to the amazing singer-songwriters beyond the boundaries of genres, countries, time and popularity levels”, she says.

dominatrix whip

Mateo is the wise one, sometimes a bit political, a bit parental, a bit everything that is missing in the team in order to keep a nice balance. She is WSS managing editor. This could be translated for other purposes as: Mateo is the one to whom we should say  “I hate you” when a review does not make the cut, or worse a favourite song does not impress enough to make the top 50…. If you wonder what image is on the left, it is a whip, of a most certain kind…

Chantal is a writer, the presidente of AfroDiaspor’Arts and organiser of Paris-based Coeur A Coeur Acoustique, a monthly acoustic music event that brings the audience closer to the artist for a truly artistic tête-à-tête. Her heartfelt wisdom is often borrowed for WSS’s reviews and such.

3E3E Web Media is the website developer and maintenance team as well as electronic store installer and minder. 3E Web Media store is one of the few accredited stores through which external review requests can be made to WSS.

Anja (in negotiation) combines her sensitive multicultural chord and her classical training to give us her take of singer-songwriters’ music for a fresh perspective.

Lally (in negotiation) knows her music whether it is African, European, American. She embraces newness and difference with such natural talent that her nomadic experiences cannot but transpire and complement the WSS family.

Melissa (in negotiation) is the topical mind and philosopher. She brings some much needed time and space boundaries to give to the music some much needed political (historical and beyond) contextualisation.

More guest writers are being negotiated, including Rach and Jo.