Camille, the voice that frees her inner child

by | Dec 5, 2013

Camille… a spirit of freedom that resounds in a voice that just lets go of all inhibition, still in a faultless vocal performance. She does these in French and English, and in as many musical onomatopoeias and voice registers as the song inspires, from acapella to ‘fully’ accompanied by a vocal choir of harmonies or musical instruments. Oh the many colours that she allows her voice to exhale and her songs to borrow! She sings in typically traditional French way à la Edith Piaf (La France; Le Festin) as easily as in more delicate to almost childish sounds (Vous; Allez, allez) to almost beat-boxing and can sound like Edith Piaf one minute or even Fiona Apple the other. She’s an original yet there is nothing new in what she gives us, when, taken by the songs and the wave of her ultra-flexible voice, you find again… the (sometimes long-forgotten) child in you. Her live shows are a must-hear.

Camille in 10 songs:

1. Le Festin (The original soundtrack of the animated Pixar movie Ratatouille written by Michael Giacchino is sung by Camille; in this brilliant performance, we hear a colour of Edith Piaf) 2. Wet Boy (one of my favourite songs from her with some lovely melodies and chord changes and a delicate but perfect vocal rendition. She performed that song on Jools Holland’s late night show) 3. Que je t’aime (Camille covers this French classic made popular by French legend Johnny Hallyday, with lyrics by Gilles Thibaut and music by Jean Renard. Her version brings an enchanting dimension and  playful accents in the character in love through  her delicate vocal rendition and the choice of strings-led and percussion-free instrumentation, providing a fresh and clever contrast to the original that turns the song from its dramatic feeling to a heartfelt emotion sung with a smile) 4. My man is married but not to me/Allez allez allez (Fun song in the lyrics, the marriage of clichés and music movements and the ever so playful addition of a ‘mocking’ kid’s choir) 5. Home is where it hurts 6. Ilo Veyou (title track of her fifth album and a wonderful showcase of her vocal range and acrobatics) 7. Le sac des filles title track of her first album released April 2004. The title translates ‘a girl’s purse/bag’ 8. She was Evocative, mysterious and beautifully vocalised is this track from Camille’s treasures-filled release Ilo Veyou 9. Aujourd’hui A little vocal rant on literally ‘today’ 10. Tout dit Alternate sung and spoken lyrics falls down your skin with the delicacy of a single rain drop.